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About Yorkshire Bank

About Yorkshire Bank

The Yorkshire Bank was established in Leeds in 1859, as the West Riding Penny Savings Bank. Part of the Clydesdale Bank, the Yorkshire Bank has built up its business remit and supplies a range of accounts, loans and mortgages as well as personal and business banking services.

Yorkshire Bank are pleased to offer advice and assistance to all their customers, and the Yorkshire Bank customer service number for initial contact is 0871 423 0154. If you are searching for the right financial product and are not sure which one is right for you then Yorkshire Banks customer service staff will be happy to advise you. Call their contact number on 0871 423 0154.

The History of Yorkshire Bank

The Yorkshire Bank was founded in 1859 by Colonel Edward Ackroyd, with the intention that businesses should benefit local people and the local economy.

As a successful Victorian businessman the Colonel was concerned with the welfare of local people and he strongly believed that they should be able to save and manage their own money. The bank was based on the principle that anyone could open an account with as little as one penny and within the first year of opening almost 2 million pennies had been invested.

This became so successful that the bank began to expand across Yorkshire. The community-minded Colonel Ackroyd pioneered the idea of school banks to teach children how to manage money. He also believed in helping local businesses, and in 1872 the bank introduced chequebooks to make life easier for small business owners.

In 1911 the Bank of England organised a takeover of the Yorkshire Penny Bank by a consortium of banks – which included National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank, Barclays and others, even though depositors’ balances were valued at £18 million. The Yorkshire Penny Bank adopted limited liability, which meant they were able to start offering overdrafts. In 1959 the name of the bank changed to Yorkshire Bank and remains so today.

In 1990 the National Australia Bank bought the Yorkshire from the consortium that had previously owned it to add it to their other banks the Clydesdale Bank of Scotland and the Northern Bank. The Yorkshire Bank merged with the Clydesdale less than one operating license in 2005, which led to a number of bank closures.

In 2012 the National Australia Bank started to scale back its UK operations and in 2014 confirmed that it was planning an exit from UK banking.

The Yorkshire Bank Today

Today the Yorkshire Bank is among the most trusted of banking organisations which tries to maintain a presence in towns and villages wherever possible in order to bring services to their customers.

They have branched out into Internet, telephone and mobile banking. They offer a huge range of accounts, mortgages, loans and credit cards as well as investment advice and banking services for businesses across all spectrums including healthcare, transport and manufacturing to name just a few.

If you are wondering how to contact Yorkshire Bank customer services, the answer is simple. Just ring their dedicated customer service number 0871 423 0154.

In keeping with the spirit of community service encouraged by their founder, the Yorkshire Bank are keen to lend their support to various charities. In 2005 they supported the British Heart Foundation charity and in 2008 lent support to Hospice UK. Yorkshire Bank now hosts their own Spirit of Community Awards to offer funding to smaller local projects.

If you want to know more, call Yorkshire Banks customer service number on 0871 423 0154.

Visit The Yorkshire Bank website – https://secure.ybonline.co.uk/

Yorkshire Bank Connection Service

0871 423 0154