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About Xbox Support


As one of the world’s leading brands for gaming consoles and gaming services, Xbox have plenty to offer their customers. The brand Xbox created and owned by Microsoft, provides millions of gaming enthusiasts with high-tech consoles, applications and online services across the world every day.

Given the nature of the products they offer there are many reasons why customers may need to reach Xbox. It could be that you’re having technical issues with your console and it’s in need of repair or you want to set up streaming and online services like Xbox Live, where you can play multi-player games with other Xbox users anywhere in the world. Whatever your reason for needing Xbox support, you can give them a call for easy and convenient assistance on 0871 244 4874. Xbox customer services team offer expert advice on all manner of queries, so you’re sure to find the answers you need.

Where it all began

The history of Xbox goes back as far as 2001, with the first release of the original Xbox console in the United States on November 15th 2001. It was brought onto the market as one of the first video game consoles offered by an American company since the Atari Jaguar went out of production in 1996, so this much awaited device was readily received, selling over 24 million units by May 2006.

By March 2002 sales of the original Xbox console had extended to Japan, Europe and Australia, but it was the release of their second console the Xbox 360 in 2005 that really got the brand making waves in the gaming world and gave competitors Sony PlayStation and Nintendo a run for their money.

On top of this the introduction of the Xbox Live service, which was launched in 2002, allowing gamers to play games o line with or without a broadband connection, set the stage for a new era of interactive gaming. The Xbox Live service offered the ability to stream multimedia content from PCs, as well as purchasing music, TV programmes and films through Xbox Music and Xbox Video services.

The transformation of the Xbox 360 continued with the introduction of Kinect, which was a motion control system with advanced sensors to make games more physical and interactive, as well as consoles being equipped with a larger storage capacity.

The latest release from Xbox is the Xbox One, which was released in November 2013 and has a bigger emphasis on internet-based features, such as recording and streaming gameplay and using the console as a set-top box for watching satellite and cable television.

Xbox show a continued dedication to developing gaming console technology, improving their services and the experience for complete customer satisfaction.

How Can I Reach Xbox Support?

When it comes to reaching Xbox support you can do so in a number of ways, including online chat forums, FAQ’s on their website or even through social media, but the most effective and direct way of reaching them is to call 0871 244 4874.

Calling 0871 244 4874 will connect you to their skilled and helpful customer service team, where they can answer any number of questions relating to Xbox consoles, services or applications. Maybe you’ve got a problem with billing on your Xbox Live account or you’re having a technical issue with an Xbox game, in which case a phone call to 0871 244 4874 can get you the assistance and answers you need.

Whatever type of console you have, be it an original Xbox or the latest generation of the Xbox One, they’re on hand to help seven days a week, so you don’t need to let anything get in the way of your Xbox gaming.  

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