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About Working Tax Credits


HMRC or HM Revenue and Customs are responsible for the accurate calculation, collection and distribution of tax income generated in the UK. However, there are some individuals, couples or families who may be subjected to low income work and could be entitled to Working Tax Credits (WTC).

A Working Tax Credit is a means tested state benefit paid out by HM Revenue and Customs that is designed to boost the annual income of a household. The amount of Working Tax Credits entitlement is based on the previous years’ income and current circumstances and is typically paid into an individual’s bank account in weekly or four weekly instalments. The amount you receive and eligibility will depend on the household combined income and circumstances.

How can I find out more information for Working Tax Credits?

Whilst the HMRC website is full of useful information relating to Working Tax Credits, you may find it doesn’t answer your specific questions and leaves you requiring more answers. Which is why the best way to find out all the information you need on Working Tax Credits is to call 0871 244 4871.

This number will take you directly through to the Working Tax Credit department, where the highly skilled and professional customer service team are on hand to help with questions relating to eligibility, receiving Working Tax Credits, calculating you’re annual working tax credits, means tested criteria and much more. By phoning 0871 244 4871 you can find out all you need to know or if you’re entitled to Working Tax Credits that could change your household income.

How Working Tax Credits came to be

The Working Tax Credits benefit scheme was introduced in April 2003 and replaced the transitional Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) benefit scheme that was in place from 1999 through to March 2003. However, the origins of this type of tax credit system for low income individuals and families stems back to the introduction of Family Credit, which had been in operation since as far back as 1986.

The whole idea behind the tax credit concepts, even back in the eighties, was to provide low income family households with an extra source of benefits to help with expenditures. However, as it’s evolved over the decades, the Working Tax Credit has now been introduced to branch out into helping low income households that don’t just have children. You can now apply for Working Tax Credits if you are aged 16-24 with children or you’re over 25 and over with or without children. It also applies to those age categories for individuals who have a qualifying disability and works in conjunction with Child Tax Benefits and Disability Allowances.

What Number Do I Call to discuss Working Tax Credits?

If you think you might be eligible for Working Tax Credits then you can simply call 0871 244 4871 to find out more about applying for Working Tax Credits and how to get assessed. You can also call this number to discuss an issue with your Working Tax Credits, whether you have been overpaid for the year or underpaid, in which case the HMRC Working Tax Credit office will review your circumstances and individual case and make any necessary adjustments.

When you call 0871 244 4871 you can rest assured that your call will be put through to the right department to discuss Working Tax Credits and that you get all the answers and clarification you require in one simple call.

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Working Tax Credits Connection Service

0871 244 4871