Why Film Fans Are Excited About Sky Cinema…

Exciting news for the film buffs among you, as Sky launches Sky Cinema in UK & Ireland, the biggest dedicated movie subscription service in Europe.

Sky Movies has been reincarnated as Sky Cinema, and it’s far more than just a name change, as you can see more major films, closer to their cinema release date here than on other movie subscription service. For the same £38 per month fee as before. Creating the blockbuster cinema experience in your own home has never been easier…

See The Biggest Releases Fast

Just 8 months after they’re released in the cinema, you’ll have box office smashes on your TV – 45 of the UK’s top 50 films of 2015 are exclusive to Sky Cinema, giving you more choice than anywhere else, so you’ll soon see what all the fuss was about.

Work Your Way Through 1,200 Films…

This is Sky’s biggest ever line-up of blockbuster and classic films, with 20% more flicks available on demand than on the old Sky Movies. And they’re all split across 12 dedicated film channels, keeping you entertained every minute of the day with everything from classic black and white movies, to explosive action adventures and more.

… With New & Improved Cinema Quality

While Sky Q customers can look forward to Ultra HD films by the end of the year, even us mere mortals will get better HD visuals and sound quality as standard, closer to the cinema experience for on demand films. The pictures are more detailed and vibrant, the sound is more dynamic, dropping you in the middle of the action.

Have A Movie Premiere Every Single Day

Sky Movies customers had four premieres a week, but this new Sky Cinema will spoil you with one every single day – showing blockbusters from Spectre to The Danish Girl before the end of October 2016, with Jungle Book, Zootopia and Captain America: Civil War yet to come.

Have they gone for quantity over quality here? Perhaps, but at least you have the chance to catch more movies than ever and see something new and exciting. Perhaps it’ll help the smaller movies to get a showing.

Expand Your Horizons with Stories from Across the Globe

Wednesday nights from 10pm are now your ‘World Cinema’ nights, so settle in for multi-award winning film festival movies, indie and local films that span the globe. From Argentina’s Al Ardor and United Arab Republic’s Theeb to Estonia’s Tangerines, films from oversees tend to be eye-opening, mind-expanding entertainment.

It’s Easier to Binge On Your Favourites Than Ever Before

While Sky Movies gave you dedicated pop-up channels for your favourite films a few times a year, from 007 to Harry Potter, Sky Cinema gives you at least one pop-up channel every month, alongside new interviews, film documentaries and also movie events coverage.

Get Your Star Wars & Superhero Fix

Good news for you Star Wars fans, the force is strong here, as not only did Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens premiere on Sky Cinema this month, but you can also watch the franchise’s entire back catalogue of movies at a push of a button, over on their dedicated Star Wars pop-up channel this September. That’s not something the cinema’s going to do any time soon. And come August 2017, you’ll see Rogue One on your TV, with Episode VIII arriving on your box set precisely one year later.

More into your superheroes than your sci-fi? DC Comics and the Marvel universes are also well represented, you can catch everything from Captain America Civil War and Suicide Squad, to Batman vs Superman and the latest films from the X-Men and Spiderman.

That’s your rainy days covered for many moons to come, though Sky Cinema seems to have made it harder for film fanatics to leave the house.

When you need help with anything Sky, call their direct dial number.