Who are the best holiday providers?

Holidays are something we get excited for from the moment we book them. As soon as we step through security and into duty-free we’re carefree until our return home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Flights get delayed, rooms might be missing requirements and customer services doesn’t always live up to our expectations. With new results on the best UK holiday providers coming out recently we thought we’d help inform you on who is the best and worst and how to get in touch with these companies if you have any issues or complaints to raise.

The Best


Being the 2nd largest provider in the UK, people will have high expectations when booking with Jet2. Despite being low budget airline they in fact give their customers what is seen as the 5-star treatment. Rated at 84% for their customer services they are ranked the best in the business when it comes to looking after their customers. This is due to having so greatly in this department and rightly so. By listening to their customers, they have invested in growing their customer service call centres, created a 24/7 emergency helpline, hired more customer helpers and check-in staff. All these different factors in their customer services obviously come at no extra cost, however, their extra attention to detail and going the extra mile in customer services is what sets them apart from the rest.

From start to finish they offer unrivalled customer experience and service with continuous improvements being made to their website, creating quick and easy ways to book flights and holidays along with a free 22kg luggage allowance proves to be the winning formula


The Worst

Thomas Cook

With Thomas Cook being one of the oldest travel companies you’d expect their experience to translate into the best customer experience. This doesn’t seem to be the case, according to Which’s report they’re actually one of the worst. This is based on the reviews of around 8,000 holiday makes reviewing all their holidays through UK holiday providers. Their main place for concern is in flight time management, they’re labelled the worst for flight delays compared to any other major airline. 

This isn’t the only problem that comes with Thomas Cook as the report shows that one in four customers had found an issue with their holiday experience when using the provider with little to no help coming from their holiday reps. With the reps labelled as unhelpful and non-existent, it seems that holidaymakers were left to their own devices. One experience recalled that when attempting to book an excursion with a rep, they had refused to come to the hotel or meet nearby.


Thomson Holidays (Tui)

If you’re paying for a more expensive provider you expect a level of quality to come with it. Specifically, in this industry, this would include an easier flight and transport experience and to be well looked after when arriving and staying at your hotel. This is the fundamentals of a holiday experience; this seems to have been lost somewhere in the Thomson Holidays handbook.

Being voted as the worst holiday provider they have lost the trust of their customers. They have one of the lowest ratings of customer satisfaction with 74%. Special mentions have been given to their lack of quality reps, disappointing accommodations and unexplained flight delays, it’s hard to argue as to why they’re so low in the rankings. With the company becoming a renowned name for flight delays and cancellations, you’d expect the company to provide a good response to resolve the issues customers have raised to help to retain and grow their customer base. 

This, however, is not the case. With only 29% of these cases being resolved outside of the courtrooms, TUI has been dubbed the worst for handling flight delay compensation. This compensation rule was set by EU Law meaning that they should abide by it. It’s been said that if the company was following and abiding the rules set in place then all payouts should be settled without having to go to court. With some passengers having to fight to get compensation from the same flight where others have already received it, claims are being made that these airlines are delaying their compensation efforts in the hope that customers will just give up.


If you’ve experienced any problems like these make sure to check out Thomas Cook and TUI contact pages to find out more about what you can do.