What to look for when booking an Airbnb

When we look to book a hotel for our holidays or when we’re working away, there requires a certain amount of research to determine which one best suits us. Whether you need to be close to public transport so you can get about, want to be a stone’s throw away from the most happening clubs and events or even just want the best facilities to give you the easiest stay possible. 

Why should Airbnb be any different? This new way of booking accommodation seems to have become a favourite of the tech-savvy Millennials boasting nice rooms and apartments on the cheap. But no one should miss out on these opportunities. All it takes is the knowledge of what to look for when booking these amazing rooms.

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Determine what you’re looking for from an Airbnb

The best way to avoid disappointment when looking on Airbnb is to know what you’re looking for from your rented apartment and limit your expectations. As these are hosted by third parties and the conditions as well as standards of the rooms can change dramatically from place to place. 

Therefore, the filter option is key when searching, with so many options and variations of stays it is important to go through the filters and narrow it down. From hotel rooms and private rooms to entire places or shared accommodations, is you aren’t vigilant when booking your stay, you could end up somewhere completely the opposite to what you were looking for.


When you’ve worked out what type of accommodation you’re looking for and have set the filters accordingly, the next step is looking at where you would like to stay. As many of the stays on Airbnb are rented out by the public many of the rooms are placed in local neighbourhoods and residential areas. 

As many travellers using Airbnb won’t know what the local areas will be like it’s important to do research on the area you’ll be staying beforehand. On Airbnb hosts must fill out the neighbourhood section on the pages however it doesn’t hurt to do extra research yourself if you’re unsure about an area.

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Amenities and sleeping arrangements

Just like when looking at hotels, you need to see what is included in the price. When looking at what amenities are included in your stay you will have to choose what takes priority over others. For example, if this stay is part of a long road trip then it’ll be more important for you to have parking on the property over having a large screen TV in the bedroom or a hot tub outside as the parking will be necessary for your journey however the hot tub is just a luxury you can do without.

Sleeping arrangements can also be an important factor for you to consider. When looking at rooms that can sleep multiple people it is important to check how many beds the property holds. For example, if you’re a group of 8 lads that are looking to all have separate beds then you’ll be looking for a stay with multiple beds in each bedroom as opposed to a group couple getaway that will be looking for multiple rooms with double beds in to share. Both are looking to host 8 people however their sleeping requirements are very much different.


It’s very important to read the rules by the host before booking the accommodation. This is because your use of the stay may be restricted by these rules and limit your enjoyment of your stay. These rules are generally found in the read more section of the listing. Rules can include things such as no pets, no parties and no smoking. As these are private properties hosts do have the right to evict any guests that are not following their rules with given notice to the guests. On occasion, this can lead to a loss in deposit as well as hosts keeping money for nights not spent in the accommodation.

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When looking at the prices of your stay Airbnb like to make it transparent and clear how much you will be spending per night. When comparing properties, you’ll be able to see a standard figure per night. This is to help compare prices and properties against each other. 

Once you’ve selected a property these prices are now divided into what exactly you will be paying for. These costs normally include things such as cleaning, and service fees. You may also be required to pay an initial deposit depending on whether the hosts ask for one. This isn’t for every property and will be stated before reserving the stay.

Airbnb Reviews

Finally, just like any other product or service we pay for, it is worth checking the reviews. Finding out how previous guests found the visit is the best way to get a true understanding of what it will be like staying in there. Just like how the room will be sold by the host it is always best to take the reviews with a pinch of salt as they may try to oversell it or be overly critical on their review.

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It’s important to make sure that you have done the right research when finding your next stay, and hopefully, you have been able to find this guide useful when doing so. Sadly, however, we can’t always find out everything about properties and can sometimes fall into some traps. If you find yourself in a stay that didn’t live up to how it was presented online then make sure to complain to the host. If you feel this wasn’t strong enough then make sure to get in touch with Airbnb Customer services where they’ll be more than happy to help resolve any of your issues.