What if I miss my Amazon delivery?

These days, it’s so quick and easy to place an order online that you don’t always give it too much thought. But when it comes to delivery, it’s always worth considering whether or not you’ll be around when it arrives. Otherwise, you could be left wondering where on earth your parcel is.

If you want to know what happens if you miss an Amazon delivery, have a read through our brief guide below.

Nobody’s home…

If you happen to be out when delivery is attempted, if possible your parcel will be posted through your letterbox. It depends how big it is, and whether or not it needs a signature to complete delivery.

If you’ve specified a safe place or a secure location, Amazon Logistics will put your parcel there. Alternatively, (and if you’ve given express details to do so) they may even deliver it to a neighbour. The carrier will pop a calling card through your door so you know where your parcel is. You’ll also receive an email to notify you of the details.

When you’re at the checkout, it’s well worth adding a few extra details – so you have a back-up plan for deliver if you’re not in.

  • When you reach the ‘Review your order’ page, look out for the heading ‘What if I am not in’ under your delivery dress.
  • Click ‘Tell us where to leave your package’ and you can nominate a preferred neighbour or to name a safe delivery place.
  • Check the ‘Use these preferences for all future deliveries to this address’ if you want to apply this to all your orders.


Amazon Logistics will always try to stick to your preferences as far as possible, but they can’t guarantee it under all circumstances, especially if the delivery firm is an outside contractor. In addition, remember that some orders won’t be eligible for unattended delivery. For example, age-restricted items will require a signature on delivery. You may even be asked for proof of age.

Pick up your parcel

If you know you won’t be in to accept the delivery, or you’re not sure whether you will be, then it could be worth choosing a Pickup Location as an alternative. A little forward planning can make the process a lot smoother for everyone involved.

This is just an alternative delivery location for your parcel, and Amazon Lockers in key locations such as in major supermarkets and travel stations are just one example. When you’re going through the checkout process, you can search for a Pickup Location in your area, and choose the most convenient destination for you.

Try and try again

If Amazon Logistics can’t deliver your parcel to your address, they’ll try up to four more times. If they’re still unable to deliver, then it will be returned to their Fulfilment Centre. Then your payment card will be refunded, including delivery costs.

Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t able to re-dispatch orders that have been returned to their Fulfilment Centre. You’ll have to place your order again if you still want your delivery.

If your delivery is being sent to a commercial address, bear in mind that this is only available from Monday to Friday.

Still no parcel?

On occasion, tracking can show your parcel as delivered even if you haven’t received it. If this ever happens to you, the first thing to do is check whether it’s been left in a secure location – you could try your shed, garage or under your letter box. If that fails, it’s worth asking one of your neighbours to see if they have it.

If you still can’t find your parcel, it’s time to contact Amazon. The customer services team may be able to reschedule your delivery, you could see if they could deliver to an alternative, or deal with any other query.

Contact Amazon on 0871 244 9723

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