What do I do if my EasyJet flight has been cancelled?

If there is one single thing that is bound to send the blood pressure of every traveller soaring, it’s a cancelled flight. Delays are inevitable at some point in your adventures, and we all accept that anything from the weather to a flock of birds on the runway can mean your take-off slot gets pushed back.

But cancellations are a whole different matter. If your flight at the beginning of your holiday is cancelled then it gets things off to a bad start, and eats into your precious (and limited) time away. If you’re heading home a cancelled flight means more car park charges, a longer journey, and even problems with visas. If you’re a business traveller then you could end up missing that crucial meeting or having to stay in a hotel for an extra night, incurring even more cost to you and your business.

If you’re travelling with EasyJet then what can you do if your flight has been cancelled?

It’s not the check-in operative’s fault

It may be tempting to vent your frustration at the person operating the check-in desk, but remember that they probably have about as much information as you do. EasyJet have embraced modern technology, so if you’re flying with them, sign up to their SMS messaging or their mobile app to get the latest updates as they come through. If you however would prefer to speak to someone over the phone, you also have the option to give EasyJet a call.

If you’re delayed for more than 3 hours then they have a policy of issuing refreshment vouchers, so at least you can get a cup of coffee while you wait.


The next available flight

Like all airlines, EasyJet will do everything they can to get you on the next available flight if your booking is cancelled. Alternatively, you can apply for a full refund. If you’re more than 3 hours late arriving due to a rescheduled flight then you may be able to claim compensation (known as EU261 compensation) which is designed to cover additional costs such as car park charges or forward travel costs. It’s worth noting that they won’t pay out EU261 compensation if the cancellation was a result of what is known as ‘extraordinary circumstance’, such as air traffic control strikes or bad weather.

If you want to transfer to another flight you can either do it online (just go to EasyJet.com and insert your flight number), use the app, or talk to the ground crew, who will be able to help you there and then. If the original cancellation is due to a major event (such as prolonged bad weather, industrial action, or a security alert) then it is best not to try and book an alternative flight for the same day. The chances are that you’ll face more delays and cancellations.


Overnighting it

If you have to wait until the next day for a flight then EasyJet will try and arrange overnight accommodation for you. If, for any reason, they cannot do that then you can arrange it yourself and claim reimbursement. Be aware that the company does limit the cost they’ll refund to £85 per night.

They’ll also provide funds for meals and travel to and from the hotel, or arrange it for you on your behalf. You should also be able to claim for the cost of up to two telephone calls so that you can reorganize your travel plans – particularly important if you’re catching a connecting flight.

An important note for making a claim

If you’ve booked your EasyJet flight through a third party (such as an independent travel agent) then they will need to make any compensation claims on your behalf. EasyJet will only reimburse the person (or company) that made the original booking in the first place. It could mean more paperwork, so make sure you collect as much information and evidence that explains why the flight was cancelled in case you have to provide your travel agent with details.

Remember – stay calm. There is bound to be another flight along soon, and EasyJet will do everything they can to get you to your destination.

For more information on their cancellation policies, check the website www.easyjet.com, and go to the Help – Boarding and Flying – Delays and Cancellations section.