Vodafone’s New Beachwear Stops Sunburn with Tech

Worried about sunburn? There’s an app for that. Vodafone launched bikinis, swim shorts and kids’ hats which tell you when to cover up…

You’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on these proof-of-concept ‘Smart Summer’ holiday essentials, but they’re designed to protect your family from harmful UV rays, tell you where your little ones are at all times and even locate your lost luggage. That’s right, Vodafone hope to cure your every holiday woe.

The bikinis and swim shorts track your exposure to the sun with UV sensors, and when you’ve been exposed to too much or for too long, the straps or the waistband vibrate to tell you to cover up or get in the shade. You can monitor your exposure to UV throughout the day with their handy new health-conscious smartphone app.


Your kids’ sunhat has the same UV sensors, again warning you when your little one needs to keep out the sun, but these have the added bonus of a low-powered Vodafone SIM and tracking device – which uses Bluetooth to tell parents when they’ve wandered beyond a set distance. Giving you one less thing to worry about on your trip to the seaside.

Nearly half of Europeans forget to slap on that all-important sun cream, but a YouGov survey carried out on Vodafone’s behalf proved that over three quarters of people are more likely to cover up and stay safe in the sun if they have an alert like this. Wearable technology is a prospect we can all get excited about, especially when it’s designed to improve your health and well-being like this.

What looks like ordinary beachwear tells you when the UV levels have dropped and when it’s safe to catch some rays, take a look:

And that’s not all, as Vodafone also know that a third of us Europeans have had our luggage lost or stolen, so they’ve created a ‘Smart Summer’ suitcase complete with tracking technology, including GPS. Like the kids’ hat, you can pinpoint where your bag is by glancing at your smartphone.

So there you have it, another way that technology can affect your daily life. Vodafone released these ‘Smart Summer’ gadgets ahead of their next generation of low-power devices due out next year in 2017 – whose batteries are said to last ten years on a single charge, which makes proof-of-concept projects like these feasible.

Would you wear UV monitoring swimwear? Let us know…

All images copyright Vodafone Group.