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About Vodafone

Vodafone is one of UK’s leading mobile communications providers. The mobile services of Vodafone are currently being used by 400 million customers in more than 21 countries. Vodafone not only guarantees users the best communication experience with their mobile network by allowing them to talk and text but it also enables people to connect with each other in engaging ways. Vodafone’s network allows users to share their images, videos and memories once they are captured and to share thoughts as soon as they are created. If you want to find out more about Vodafone or if you have any queries about your mobile service then contact Vodafone customer services team on 0871 244 9725.

History of Vodafone

Vodafone was the first company to offer mobile calls and services in the UK on 1st January 1985. The first phone call was made using a mobile called Transportable Vodafone (VT1) by the chairman of Vodafone, Sir Ernest Harrison to his son. This was the first ever mobile phone call made in the UK with a ‘Happy New Year’s’ message. By the end of 1985 around 12,000 mobile phones were sold in the UK. A few years following the first mobile phone call in the UK, Vodafone also became the recipient of the UK’s first ever mobile message that was received by Richard Jarvis and read ‘Merry Christmas’ in the year 1992. Today, Vodafone is considered to be the 3rd largest mobile phone company in the world. If you want to find out more about Vodafone then call them on their contact number 0871 244 9725.


What is the Vodafone contact number?

The Vodafone contact number is 0871 244 9725.

The Vodafone customer service contact number that has been listed on this website is a direct dial number to the customer services department, so that any queries and enquiries that the customer may have can be addressed immediately. Having called Vodafone contact number, customers will be connected to a member of Vodafone’s customer services team so that the customer can receive relevant information and assistance that is required. Whether you are an existing or a potential customer, the friendly and efficient customer service advisors will aim to provide you the highest level of service. They will help and assist you with all things related to your mobile or broadband services. The dedicated customer services team at Vodafone is available to answer your queries if you have any difficulties with your network or its coverage. The Vodafone customer services team can also provide information regarding your account, billing and top ups. You can call Vodafone customer service UK you can enquire about the following issues:

  1. Why am I having signal issues?
  2. How can I upgrade my phone or plan?
  3. Can I trade in my old phone?
  4. I want to move from pre-paid to post paid
  5. How can I unlock my SIM or tablet
  6. What type of SIM do I need?
  7. I am facing technical problems with my device
  8. How to set-up internet and email on my phone?
  9. How to pay for mobile data?
  10. I’d like to learn more about Vodafone 4G.
  11. What are Vodafone call charges?
  12. How will I receive and pay my bill?
  13. What are the rewards on Pay as you go?

These questions can be addressed and answered promptly if you contact Vodafone on its 24/7 customer service UK phone number, 0871 244 9725.


If you are already an existing Vodafone customer and calling from your mobile, you can dial 191, which is a free number given to those customers who are calling from a Vodafone number. If you are calling from abroad, it could be much better to use their live chat. To use this service, you first have to login to your existing customer account. This will enable you to chat with a Vodafone customer service UK representative via your device any day and at any time.

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Vodafone Connection Service

0871 244 9725