Updating your Home for 2016

New Year, new me may be on every person’s social media status heading into 2016, but what about New Year, new home? It’s unlikely we’ll all be moving house this year, but it’s incredibly easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t shake up your interior a little, so let’s have a look at what’s hot for 2016 and how you can incorporate it into your home.

Back to Black

It may seem a bit of a dark colour to bring into the home, but let’s face it – black is extremely classy in some forms, and the new trend for black appliances is taking 2016 by storm.  Whether it’s a black fridge you’ve set your heart on (John Lewis have a fantastic Samsung side-by-side one if you’ve got the budget and the space to go large) or perhaps one of Very’s sleek washers or dryers. You can really create an impact in an otherwise pretty plain kitchen with a few of these darker pieces. Team them up with geometric tiles in black and white or add a splash of colour to an otherwise monotone look with accent pieces such as toasters, lamps and storage containers to create a look that will certainly have an impact.

Sunroom chic

Whether you’ve been using your conservatory for storage in the cold winter months, or you just haven’t been giving it enough care and attention, now is the time to give it your all. Clear everything out and take a good look at the room you have, making any structural, heating or flooring changes before you decorate the 2016 way. The sunroom is going to be huge in 2016, and if you’ve got a little budget to play with, then shop John Lewis or Next for some great, bright yet tasteful chairs and accessories to decorate. Pretty turquoise hues balance the sunshine supremely well and if you de-clutter, invest in a couple of comfy chairs and a chic coffee table.


Whether you’ve bricked over an old chimney, or you’re in a modern home that has no remnants of a fireplace, now is the time to recreate the fireplace of old. There are tons of energy efficient fireplace features on the market these days, and even if you only use them as a focal point in the room, you could give your living room a great new look!

Be dramatic

We’ve already mentioned monochrome as a trend in the kitchen, but when it comes to the rest of the home, it’s well worth considering a few dramatic accessories where they’ll have the most impact – the hall way. Your guests will really feel they’re making an entrance if you jump on the trend for dramatic lighting fixtures – so browse Amazon to see some essential lighting pieces you won’t find anywhere else, along with vases, and statement pieces you could have in your home within 24 hours of ordering.

Updating your Home

Don’t regret your purchase

Whatever the trend you’re trying to emulate this year, it’s no good if you don’t love it once it’s in, so it’s essential you research the returns policy with any of the stores you shop with. The shops mentioned above all have great customer service, so just call and check out before you buy.

That lamp you saw online may have looked great in a minimalist drawing room, but if you get it home and it’s too large in your small hallway – you’ll need to know whether you can exchange it for a smaller one.

Embracing trends is easy when you know where to shop, so why not shake up the style of your home with some of the hottest trends of 2016.