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About Trainline

Who are Trainline?

Trainline are an independent rail and coach company. Also branded as, they’re mostly based online and sell train tickets through their website, mobile app and by telephone. They have head offices in London, Paris and Edinburgh.

They were established in 1977 as part of the Virgin Group and began selling tickets online in 1999. In 2004 Trainline merged together with their main competitor Qjump and further down the line, Virgin (86% shareholding) merged with National Express (14% shareholding).

How can I buy tickets?

The easiest way to buy your tickets is through their mobile app or website. You simply select the dates you want to travel, your starting location, your end destination and whether you have a railcard or not. Once you’ve filled out these details they will give you all the times and prices on the select dates. Make sure you check the booking fee before making your purchase as you can be charged anything between £0.25 and £1.50. On the day purchases typically come without a booking fee, so if you can, it’s worth waiting to book on the day. You can buy tickets for most major UK train companies like National Rail.

You can also give them a ring and speak to one of their customer services team who can assist you in buying your ticket. Simply call 0871 244 9753 and you can book your tickets directly over the phone.

Trainline now provide mobile tickets as well as physically printed tickets. Your mobile ticket comes with a code you can scan to access the turnstile systems at most railway stations. You simply unlock your ticket when you want to use it and this keeps all your tickets in one handy wallet in the Trainline app.

What destinations can I travel to?

Through the Trainline app you can book tickets to multiple destinations across the UK, whether that be by a direct train or via connecting trains. Trainline provides One Way, Return and Open Return tickets. One way and return tickets normally come as set dates and times that can only be changed if you apply through their site. Open return tickets usually have a set departure date and time but you can return on any train within a month of the outbound journey. This is particularly useful if you can’t commit to a date and time as it gives you that bit of flexibility.

Claiming refunds

If you’re unable to make your train you can apply to either change the date/time or to get a refund on your ticket. In late 2011, they introduced a refund service for customers and in 2016 refunds were made available through the app. You may be charged an administration fee by the train company or Trainline and this can rise to £10. Advance singles are non-refundable so it’s important to check your ticket before making your claim (unless it was due to an abandoned journey or a cancelled train).

To claim a refund, you can apply through the Trainline app. You can also give their customer services team a call and speak to someone directly if you’d prefer. You can do this by calling them on 0871 244 9753.

Train station

How do I get in touch with them?

There are a few different ways you can get your questions answered Trainline, the easiest method is by giving them a call. You can speak to one of their team by calling 0871 244 9753 and they’ll help you to the best of their ability.

Their website has a useful contact us page with all the information you need, it will answer questions from the following:

  • Customer service enquiries
  • Press enquiries
  • Career enquiries
  • Trainline for Business enquiries
  • Commercial partnership or affiliate enquiries
  • Investor information

Visit their website:

Trainline Connection Service

0871 2449753