Top 5 games trending on Amazon

With the weather being so unpredictable there’s no doubt this summer we’re going to be stuck inside due to some wetter, rainier days over the next few months. That’s why we have decided to look at the best games currently on Amazon to keep you entertained on those rainy days. To include everyone, we’ve selected games that are available on the most popular platforms that should be exciting for everyone with a special entry we believe will turn heads in years to come that are available on Amazon.

Family friends- Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing

Crash Bandicoot was a home favourite back in the days of the PlayStation 1 and 2. These have since been remastered and developed upon to bring you Crash Team Racing. An action-packed racing game bringing you the classic feel of the retro game it has now become and mixing in better graphics and fresh content. Taking you back to simpler times this game doesn’t lose touch with its history but isn’t scared to try new things and experiment with new content and does this very well. With multiplayer features, this game can be played and passed down to future generations keeping the Crash Bandicoot legacy alive.

Quest and Open World- Assassin’s Creed

Assassins Creed

Now it might not be sunny all the time over here but Assassin’s Creed Odessey can take you away to an immersive sunny ancient Greece. With one of the largest and detail-filled open worlds to date, it will be easy to get lost in this quest filled journey. Moving away from the fixed storyline the series normally has, Assassins Creed Odyssey takes on a more Open-world RPG style and nails it. The story is filled with plenty of side quests and challenges that your hero can take whilst following the main storyline without affecting it. With such a large open world it would take all summer to see every detail this has to offer. The RPG mentality in the game gives you the player choices in-game that can change the fate of your hero and the course of the storyline. Despite this being brought out in late 2018 this game still stands strong and is a great move forward for the series.

Best game- Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption

The best game of 2018. This is the only way to describe Red Dead Redemption II. This is the strongest and most detailed game to date this game has been many years in the making and has paid off. With the storyline following Arthur Morgan, an outlaw cowboy, and features old characters such as John Marsden who plays a crucial role in the game with an understandable fresher face. This game comes as a prequel to its predecessor. The detail that has gone into both the open world you play in and the storyline you play along with shows why this game has done so well and is a testament to Rockstar Games and their abilities. This open-world is then transferred onto a just as strong multiplayer mode with tones of story modes quests, side quests that can be completed solo or with a posy. This gives you a true feeling of being a cowboy on the wrong side of the law.

Best racing- Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon has always been a motorheads dream game. It has a vast collection of cars that are available to the player with an incredible amount of detail on these cars it’s hard not to boast about the collection you will have in your virtual garage. This along with the amazing graphics that come with the game when in the first-person mode it’s hard not to feel that you’re truly driving the car. The storyline is very customisable which is a trademark of Horizon with the ability to create and develop your own challenges in blueprint along with constantly refreshing side challenges by Forza it’s difficult to get bored of the game. The driving mechanics still allow for new users to adapt and learn quickly leaving hyper-realistic controls to its competitors and focused more on creating an easy to learn set up however these can be changed in the setting the more advanced you become.

All these games are all available on Amazon online and can come with some exclusive discounts on the website. When ordering these games if you have any issues whether it is about the available discounts on these games, delivery times and the process or if the products are faulty or not what you expected then make sure to contact Amazon’s customer services with any issues.