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About TNT

What is the TNT Connection Service?

TNT is one of the leading courier services in the UK offering a wide variety of delivery options for UK businesses. There are more than 70 depots belonging to TNT that are located throughout the UK including Ireland. Around 100 million parcels are delivered by the company every year with a fleet of 3,500 transport vehicles. Today, the company operates in a total of 63 countries around the globe and offers national as well as International express delivery services.
You can get further information about the company by connecting to TNT through our connection service on 0871 244 4840.

History of TNT

TNT came into being in the year 1946 when a businessman Ken Thomas decided to start his own courier service. At that time he started his courier business with only a single truck, however with the passage of time TNT grew exponentially. If you want to find out more about the history of TNT then why not connect with TNT through our connection service on 0871 244 4840.

TNT Services

TNT is a premier courier company that provides a wide range of delivery services and options that include National Express Delivery, same day, carriage forward shipments and next day guaranteed delivery service at a time that suits the customer. Customers can either choose the option to send a one off package or can opt to open up an account with the company. Although the second option is much better for those people who make use of courier service on a regular basis. TNT can also pick up your parcels on Saturdays which can be then delivered by Monday. The company also provides International express delivery. The delivery options that are offered by TNT at present include:

  • 9:00 Express
  • 10:00 Express
  • 12:00 Economy Express.

If you have any more queries and questions regarding TNT services then contact the TNT customer services team through our connection service on 0871 244 4840.

The TNT customer services team is available 24/7 to give you advice and answer your queries regarding the courier service. It can also provide information to you regarding all the other delivery options available in addition to those mentioned above.

Contacting TNT Customer Service

You can use our connection service to get through to TNT customer services on 0871 244 4840.

The dedicated TNT customer services team can offer you help and advice regarding following queries or any other related questions.

1. How to Track a Delivery?

TNT provides its customers with a ‘tracking delivery’ option by using a handy online tool. All that is required to use this tool is to insert the tracking number on the tracking box and you will get the results for the location of your package as it makes its way to its destination. For detailed information on tracking delivery you can call TNT customer services through our connection service on 0843 9020744.

2. How to Report a Problem?

There can be times when the delivery of a package is delayed or the package is not delivered at all. In these instances, it is important for individuals to directly report these issues to the company. This can be done through our TNT connection service by calling 0871 244 4840.

The TNT customer service team can also advise you regarding the selection of the options available to you if the package has been returned to the sender or delayed. You can also connect to TNT if you wish to arrange a re-delivery.

3. How much will it cost to deliver my package?

The TNT customer service staff will aim to answer queries regarding cost. Generally the prices of the delivery will vary depending on the location, the weight and size of the package and the type of delivery option that has been chosen. Individuals also have the option to use the online tool that is provided by TNT to get a price estimate on a package based on their specifications. It is however important to note that the price might differ depending on the accuracy of information provided. If you require any additional information, contact TNT customer service through our connection service on 0871 244 4840.

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