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About Thomson Holidays (TUI)

About Thomson Holidays (TUI)

Thomson Holidays (TUI) launched in 1965 to cater to the growing popularity of foreign holidays. They’ve since gone on to employ 18,000 staff around the globe, making them one of the largest holiday companies.

Naturally, their offering has changed and diversified significantly since they began. Now their holiday packages and all-inclusive trips are specifically tailored to you. In fact, Thomson boast that three quarters of their holidays are exclusive to them alone and simply unavailable elsewhere.

Wondering which exciting holiday package they could whisk you away with? Call and speak to Thomson Holidays’ (TUI) customer service on 0871 423 0153.

Thomson Holidays (TUI) pride themselves on delivering every imaginable service to ensure that your trip is as safe and complete as possible. From car hire, excursions and travel insurance, to hotel packages and money exchange – they’ve thought of everything.

For help organising these, or to discuss your extra requirements, contact Thomson Holidays’ customer service on 0871 423 0153.

The History of Thomson Holidays (TUI)

Thomson Holidays is now part of the giant TUI Travel group, which came to be when TUI and First Choice Holidays merged in 2007.

But it was first known as Thompson Tour Operators, before rebranding as Thomson Travel Group in 1965 – having acquired small tour groups like Skytour, Luxitours and Gaytours. Until its flotation on the London Stock Exchange in 1998, the company was, in fact, owned by the Thomson Corporation of Canada.

Of course, it now has a fleet of 77 aeroplanes at Luton Airport which they’re constantly upgrading. Their airline started life as Thomsonfly, then Britannia Airways, before becoming the Thomson Airways we know today, from 1962 onwards.

From the outset, Thomson knew that cheap foreign travel was the bright future for weary customers, fed up of dull seaside holidays in rainy Britain. Even in 1971, their board of directors recognised the need for value-for-money holidays – so Thompson Holidays began to offer three to four night stays in sunny Majorca for a mere £19.

While their competition found it hard to compete, Thomson Holidays went from strength to strength gobbling up other holiday names along the way, like Lunn Poly, once a well-known high street name.

Thomson Holidays (TUI) Today

Thomson Holidays are proud to offer trips which cater to all kinds of holiday makers – from ski trips and cruises around Europe, to fly-drive holidays.

From its low-tech beginnings way back in 1965, Thomson Holidays have evolved with the times and now boast a comprehensive online information hub. Once you’ve booked, the ‘My Thomson’ section of their website will give you access to all the information you could possibly need about your upcoming holiday. Flight details, a countdown clock and even the weather forecast for your chosen destination – all at the click of a button.

Thomson Holidays know that you want and need information at every stage of their holiday. That’s why each and every hotel of theirs provides a full on-demand service – like their Holidayline telephone access.

If you ever need to contact Thomson Holidays’ customer services directly, ring straight through on 0871 423 0153 for all the help you need. Their experienced customer service staff will be only too happy to answer any queries you may have.

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Thomson Holidays (TUI) Connection Service

0871 423 0153