The Up and Coming Phones in 2020

In the current mobile phone market, competition is no joke. With companies such as Apple, Samsung and Google bringing out new phones year on year it can be difficult to keep up. With mobile technology advancing and developing at a rapid rate it’s no wonder new models show off their new camera’s, 5G compatibility and faster processors in order to get ahead of other companies. 

We’ve taken a look at what phones are due to be released this year, what we believe will make your head turn the most and what should dominate the market.

iPhone 9/ SE2 

Every year Apple brings out a new phone and every year millions of people buy them. In order to allow more people to transfer over to the apple products, they’ve developed the next version of the iPhone SE/ iPhone 9. Developed as an improved version of the iPhone 8 the new SE will be sold at a cheaper price so that people who don’t enjoy spending lots of money on their phones can enjoy the apple experience.

person holding black phone

iPhone 12

Although Apple will be bringing out the iPhone 9 for their cheaper phone option with, they will also be bringing out their cutting edge tech with the iPhone 12. So far Apple has not integrated any phones to the new 5G technology and rumours have amped up that this year is the year Apple will release a 5G ready phone. As well as these new speeds Apple are said to be bringing in the OLED displays to give you the brightest and sharpest visuals available to match their high-quality camera’s.

Huawei Mate X

Although many companies have been adjusting to the foldable technology, Huawei has already got onto their second version of this technology. Huawei has developed new screen technology that helps lower their production price without affecting the quality for the user. This advancement allows Huawei to provide the technology for a more affordable price so everyone can enjoy their forward-thinking phones.

woman holding iPhone during daytime

Motorola Razr 

Out with the old and in with the new! Many years ago the Motorola Rzr took the world by storm, at one point being one of the most popular phones about. Now, after 16 years it’s back again. Putting emphasis on the old folded design the Motorola Razr bring forward everything great from their first release and more. With screen folding technology and the high-quality cameras, the Motorola Razr is set to be a leading contender in the phone market once more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 

Heavily rumoured to be hitting Samsung Galaxy Unpacked on February 11th, the folding phone has been pitched as a direct rival to that other clamshell foldable, the Motorola Razr. the phone is said to carry the current Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, the powerful chip in current generation flagships. It comes with a dual 12 mega-pixel camera with 4K capabilities making it great for capturing those precious moments in the best of quality.

person throwing black smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S20

As well as bringing out the technologically advanced, Samsung Galaxy Z flip, Samsung will also be bringing out their next generation of the Galaxy S line with the Samsung Galaxy S20. The S20 has been rumoured to have one of the fastest screens in the market with an OLED 120Hz screen to allow for smooth gaming and video play. For capturing video, Samsung has gone for a 4 camera set-up along with a 108- megapixel sensor to allow crisp and accurate photos.

OnePlus 8 & Pro

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are set to be released early this year and is set to be one of the biggest leaps forward for the phone company in many years. As there were versions of the 7 with 5G compatibility it seems correct to believe that the 8 and Pro will come with 5g compatibility as standard. The screen wraps around the sides of the phones giving it high quality, immersive feel along with a punch-hole front camera to allow as much screen to size ratio as possible.

man holding a smartphone near the window

Google Pixel 4A

Created for the Android users with a tight budget, the Google Pixel 4a gives you a high-quality phone without an astonishing price tag. As technology advances so rapidly relatively new technology also becomes cheaper a lot quicker. The Pixel 4a makes the most of this as it boasts an OLED screen with a punch-hole camera. It’s rumoured to have both a 5G and 4G compatible versions depending on your spending limit however this phone is rumoured to only have a single rear camera although this is supposed to be the same high-quality camera used for the Google Pixel 4.

All these mobiles will be available in the coming months of 2020 and will no doubt be sold across all networks including; GiffGaff, Three and EE. If you like to find out more about how you an upgrade to a phone such as these make sure to contact their customer services to find out how and when you can make such upgrades.