The Ultimate Guide to Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest and most well-known online marketplaces in the world. They’re one of the most influential businesses in modern times. From the humble beginnings of start as an online book store to becoming the online giant they are now, Jeff Bezos has transformed Amazon into the market leaders of online shopping.

Amazon now offers much more than just a shopping experience with products like the Amazon Kindle and the Amazon Echo dominating their individual markets. There’s so much you can do on Amazon, so, with this in mind, we have decided to give you our guide to both buying and selling on the platform.

The best way to buy from Amazon

When coming onto the Amazon website, you’re there for one of two reasons. You’re either window shopping to find out the best price for a product that you want or need, or you’re sure on a product and you’re there to buy. Shopping with Amazon already comes with a huge number of benefits, but there are other methods you can adapt to get even more out of the experience. 

When buying on Amazon it’s highly likely you’ll have come across an Ad for Amazon Prime (if you’re not already a member). This additional service comes at a cost of £7.99 per month, however, it comes with a lot of benefits. It gives you unlimited next day delivery, as well as providing you with early access for the best deals and savings on a number of products.  This along with Prime Video Prime Reading and the option of Prime Music shows that Prime is a steal. Our first tip is to “share the load”. By sharing the price of Amazon Prime with a partner or family member it allows you both to make the most of the services provided.

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Have you heard of the Amazon Warehouse?

With so many products bought off Amazon, a lot are returned. These products still need to be sold to turn a profit. For these products, there is a special place called the Amazon warehouse. This site shows you “nearly new” products at heavily discounted prices. Another way to find discounted products is to use their outlet store. This sector is for products that have been overstocked and serve a similar purpose as the warehouse. This helps them reduce their losses but also allows to save a little bit of cash as well. Most of the products shown will still come with amazon prime delivery! so you won’t be waiting any longer than normal for your purchases.

Staying in control

With the rise of technology and the increase in accessibility to shopping sites on smart devices, it can be hard to keep track of what our children are buying online. Bills can rise, with some parents finding themselves suddenly faced with bills of £1000’s.  This is why Amazon has introduced Amazon Teen. A service where parents are sent a text to approve purchases made on the site. This service comes at no additional cost and gives parents peace of mind. It also gives teens a sense of freedom because they still have their own Amazon account.

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Wanting to sell on Amazon?

If you have a product that you’re wanting to get off the ground, one of the best places to start would be with Amazon. This allows you to get your product in front of a massive audience. The only issue is you do face a lot of competition. With these tips, you should be able to get ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd.

– Selecting the right seller plan

When it comes to selling on Amazon there are two different account options. The choice of these options depends on how much you’ll be selling on the website.

For people selling less than 40 products a month, you’re recommended to go with the individual plan. This is where you pay Amazon 99p per item sold with referral and variable closing fees on top.

The professional plan is for people that sell over 40 items a month. This is a monthly subscription that comes with a cost of £39.99 a month with referral and variable closing costs on top of this as well.

– Encourage reviews

When selling your product anywhere reviews are essential. Amazon is no different, if not more crucial than ever. The more reviews you have, the more credible and trustworthy customers will perceive your products to be. After purchase Amazon allows sellers to send follow up emails for product reviews. This process can be automated in case of a large amount sold. Guidelines have to be met in order to send such emails. An example of this is incentive reviews. From 2016 they were banned in order to create fairer, honest reviews of brands and products.

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Do you need to get in touch with Amazon?

You may need to contact the Amazon team directly to inquire about selling, or to find out more about a product. If that’s the case, then you can contact the Amazon customer services team directly and they’ll be happy to help you.