The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Sometimes, finding the right Christmas gift can be an impossible task. If you’re not prepared enough to have a preplanned list for your friends and family full of gift ideas or even lucky enough to be told who wants what from you then you’ll no doubt be starting to worry about what you’re going to be getting people and even when you’re going to buy them.

Luckily we’ve been conducting research in gifts and ideas that are looking to be flying off the shelves this year. Spanning from technological gadgets and gizmos to subscription courses and gastro cookbooks we’ve got the perfect gifts for just about anyone. Also with the ability to buy these online, you can shop to your heart’s content without leaving the comfort of your own home.

More than just stocking fillers

1  Altair Falcon AHP Drone – £96

Each year drone technology becomes more and more accessible. More companies are able to design and build their own versions of the drone making competition greater whilst making prices smaller. If you’re looking to get someone a brilliant, beginner-friendly drone to get them off the ground then the Altair Falcon is the best place to start. It comes with an extra battery so you get more time in the air. It also comes with beginner-friendly flight modes so that you can understand your aircraft before attempting trickier manoeuvres. There are systems put in place for autonomous hovering and positioning.  This truly is the perfect Christmas gift for the drone enthusiasts amongst us.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite – £189.99

Whether we’re on the move on our phones, sat at home playing on the sofa with our friends, or tied to a gaming chair playing games to the early hours, many of us truly bask in the enjoyment that is brought with computer games. Young or old, we always have games we can reside to in order to break up our day and bring a little excitement to our lives. The Nintendo Switch Lite allows you to do just that. Being solely for portable use, the Switch Lite brings together a high definition screen, quick processors and a huge variety of games to be perfect as an on the go entertainment system.

3. Amazon Echo Dot– £34

With so many different smart home products and personal assistants out there, it can be hard to differentiate the good ones from the bad. Then there’s the difference between getting the lite version or the bigger more expensive product. With the Amazon Echo Dot you are getting the best applications of the Alexa base with fully integrated software, giving you the ability to control your smart home.

From turning off lights to purchasing washing powder all from the same smart device you have full control. The only difference between the Echo and the Dot is the size. Like all Lite versions, they’re sizably smaller however with the Dot the only feature that is affected is the depth of sound. With smaller speakers, they’re able to produce great sound quality, however, they struggle to reach the deeper notes compared to the standard Echo. With this in mind, it makes the Echo Dot an amazing Christmas gift that won’t leave you out of pocket.

4. Masterclass Subscription £15/ month

When we look to learn a new skill or trait, normally the first place we’ll look is online to follow others on how they learnt the ways. Masterclass gives you the ability to learn from the greats, if you want to learn how to cook professional meals at home then why not learn from Gordon Ramsey. Do you want to hone in on those acting skills? Then you can take a few pointers from Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson. Alternatively, if you want to be the best on the court then why not get some lessons from the best 3 throwers in the game including Stephen Curry. Your abilities become boundless when using this service making your gift the most influential around the Christmas tree this year.

5. Molecular Gastronomy Kit from £44.95

Pulling away from technology and coming into the kitchen we have found that the Molecular gastronomy kit is ideal for anyone that wants to take their cooking to the next level. This amazing gift comes with 4 food additives, the tools for your creations and a DVD to help you learn over 50 different recipes. Whether you’re wanting to make Bacon Ice Cream, Chocolate Spaghetti or even Minty Caviar, the world is your oyster and all you have to do is play with your food!

Stocking Fillers

Christmas scene

Following tradition, there has got to be something to fill those stockings with. In yesteryear, this would normally be in the form of fruit and nuts however coming into today we normally like to fill these with smaller more humourous gifts to start your morning with. Here we’ve got a few gifts that we believe will be filling many stocking’s this Christmas.

Cards Against Humanity £25.00

This is the perfect game for the last ones standing at the Christmas party. This party aims for you to make the funniest sentence in the group, however, there’s a twist. As the name of the game goes you’ve got to make the most horrible and cruel joke in order to win points and collect the cards, the perfect game for anyone with a secret dark side.

Tile Pro £19.99

The perfect gift for people who are forever losing their things. With one simple attachment to their most valuable and most easily lost items and a simple as download you will never be able to lose either again. When you’re trying to find your keys, all it takes is for you to open the app and press the button. The tile will start making sounds for you to follow right up until you find them. Similarly, if you’re unable to find your phone you can press the button on your tile. Your phone will then start making the same noise for you to find them. This gift finally gives people peace of mind about losing their most valuable things.

Chilly Water Bottle from £20

If you want to keep your water crisp cold whilst helping save the planet then Chilly’s water bottle is the perfect gift. Putting urban style with environmentally friendly flask technology this bottle is able to keep your water cool whilst making the holder seem even cooler. With the ability to customise the design, colour, and finish you can make the perfect gift for anyone.

With Christmas being such a crazy period using online market places such as Amazon can make life a lot easier and your shopping a lot simpler. But when this time comes around it can also create a lot of work for these companies and problems can occur. If you do have any questions about an Amazon Christmas gift over this period make sure to contact the Amazon Customer Services to find out information