The New 2020 Women’s Fashion

With a New Year comes a new season and with a new season comes a new wardrobe. A new era of the roaring twenties has now begun and a lot has changed since the last one. When looking into the history of the roaring twenties many people will think of the high fashion and party life that came with the Great Gatsby. The frocks, the high profile jewellery and pinstripe suits were all the rage. Many people lived a high profile life to match.

Although we hope that many will be following the same premise of enjoying life to it’s fullest, the frocks have stopped and a whole different style of fashion is set to take over the new roaring twenties.


Designers embraced that less is more. Using thin materials they’re looking to heat up your wardrobe whilst keeping you cool. Since the material is basically all see-through, now’s the time to show off your most beautiful bras. If the visible bra is too much for you, why not start by experimenting with these sheer fabrics? Whether you layer a sheer shirt on top of a nice vest or go all out with a sheer dress, it’s an amazing way to try layering with different texture’s and colours.

Women's Fashion
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This sheer organza shirt from ASOS is a great way to start your sheer collection. Whilst giving you the perfect risque look for hitting the town it is also great for those sunny days out making your outfit look hot whilst you stay cool.

The Victorian Puff Sleeve

This year brought a lot of loud and obscure fashion choices in fashion shows. We brought back bright neon colours, oversized collars and three-tiered dresses. What it seems to have lacked so far is some everyday streetwear, but all is not lost. One of the highlights of many fashion shows, such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen, is the Victorian or Puffed sleeves. This design is perfect for the everyday streetwear for making you look glamorous. It gives the illusion of slimmer waists, whilst adding a feminine touch to any outfit.

Female model
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Adding this white puffed sleeved top to your collection is perfect for sunny days out. The use of puffy sleeves, as well as the open back, helps highlight a slim figure whilst giving you a princess type look.

Boiler Suits 

Last year the boiler suit was revived and brought back into high fashion. This year it’s set to flourish. This is good news for the bold who bought into the trend last year. They can make the most out of their purchase wearing them for another season. 

For those who were hesitant about the style last year should be encouraged to take the leap of faith. Boiler suits make a great purchase for the new season. The best thing about these outfits is that all the work that goes into designing your outfits is done for you. It’s the year of work smarter not harder!

Female model wearing boiler suit
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Having an easy to wear boilersuit such as the one above is a great way to look fashionable when your energy is spent up. Having the ability to look good when you’re not feeling it is the perfect cheat sheet look that everyone should have for those rainy days.


Spring is all about business or, at least, looking the business. Givenchy and Bottega Veneta were two designers looking to highlight that when those hot days arrive, it doesn’t mean you can’t layer up and look good doing it. 

Blazers are a great fit to go with many variations. On the runways, we’ve seen blazers with shorts, tank tops and even just bralettes. This smart attire can complete an outfit or take it down a different direction. It can create a style you never knew was possible.

Female model
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Completing your wardrobe with this everyday blazer is a great way to add a smart finishing top to a variety of outfits. They suit any occasion whether it’s looking fashionable in town meeting friends or smarting up a casual outfit for a date. This blazer has got you covered.

With so many fashion trends coming in and out of popularity it can be hard to keep track of what’s hot and what’s not. Thankfully ASOS and Topshop keep on top of trending fashions giving you the most up to date clothes at affordable prices. This includes the trends in this post. If you have any issues with your orders make sure to notify the ASOS customer services number. You can also call the Topshop customer services team if needed. They can help rectify your issue.