The Must Have Gadgets of 2020

Leaving 2019 in the past we have now entered a new decade, full of opportunities and new gadgets to inspire the many. The first event of the year to show off these new inspirational changes is the CES convention.

Tech companies from all over the world come together to show their new gadgets that will be hitting the markets in the coming years. This gives us an insight into what direction technology is moving towards. Here we have listed our favourite gadgets that were displayed at the convention. We believe these will be flying off the shelves this year or years to come.

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV

At CES 2020 the 8K TV surprisingly seemed a common product. They were brought to the show by many companies such as LG, Sony and TCL. But in a world where 8K is the new standard it’s hard for anyone to stand out in the current market. Unless of course, you’re Samsung.

As phone screens came closer and closer to the edge TV seem to now be following suit. With a screen-to-body ratio of 99%. Samsung stole the show by boasting their edge to edge screen. This gives you the best quality 8k viewing without any interruption. As well as it’s visual capabilities their AI-powered picture and audio features are impressive. It allows your TV to intelligently adapt it’s sound and image accordingly to the characteristics of the room. This truly is a smart TV.

silhouette of 3 people watching show on TV


Ever wondered what your four-legged best friend was thinking and feeling? Year on year more technology is brought in to help look after our pets.

You’ve heard of stay at home camera’s, checking on them whilst we’re out. There’s also remote-controlled ball throwing machines to keep them entertained. Now, there’s a communication harness so you can know how your dog is feeling.

Using a colour coordinated device you can find out whether your pup is “happy”, “excited”, “interested” or “stressed”. It also comes with a user-friendly app. It will keep a log on how your dog feels as well as promoting challenges and events for you and your best friend to complete.

4Moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Maybe you’ve clocked that your newborn baby seems to sleep in the car but never in their crib. You might have worked out that they sleep best when in motion.

If this is the case then the new 4Mom’s mamaRoo Bassinet will be a gift sent from above. With customisable rocking settings that can be controlled from your phone, you’ll be able to get your baby to sleep with ease. This means you can finally take more than two winks rest without being awoken for the 100th time.

Babies find mimicking natural motions like car rides, tree swing and rock-a-bye, soothing. You’re able to send your baby to sleep without any stress for you or the baby. The Bassinet allows you to play a light white noise sound to ease them off and keep them from getting distracted by other sounds. This sound along with a timer/alarm has allowed parents to create bedtime routines for their little ones making bedtime a thing from an early age. 

baby covered with white blanket

Sony Vision-S

One of the best gadgets set to hit the market. Sony has managed to pull off the biggest surprise of the decade so far. On centre stage of CES Sony brought out a rendition of their first concept car. Highlighting their use of an electric motor in replacement of a combustion engine. 

The Vision-S Showcases Sony’s technological advancements using systems such as radar and LADAR to navigate the automated vehicle. On the interior of the vehicle, they’ve gone all out with a panoramic screen across the dashboard. There’s also a 360 degrees sound system with speakers inside the cushions and headrests. This car has all the technology Sony could think of both inside and out and is expected to hit the streets.

Many of these gadgets will be hitting the shelves both online and offline in 2020 so it will pay to be observant when looking to be the first having these amazing products. To be ahead of the game it pays to be observant, checking websites such as Amazon, eBay and Very for their product updates will give you the best chance in finding the best prices without risking missing out.