The Importance of Keeping Active

Keeping active, both mentally and physically is incredibly important. Whether you’re claiming for Disability Allowance, have hit pension age or are just generally inactive and spend a lot of time alone, we can’t let anything stand in our way.

There are a number of ways we can keep active from physical exercise to mentally challenging games. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways you can keep active.

Physical exercise

One of the more obvious ways you can keep fit is heading to the gym. Whether you go for the rowing machine, take on some light weights or join in at a Yoga class, this is a great way of keeping fit and getting out of the house. You need to aim for around 30 minutes of activity each day, this reduces your risk of a heart attack and lowers your blood cholesterol. Exercise also strengths your bones and muscles and also blocks negative thoughts from entering your mind and can provide you with a distraction. A healthier mind means a healthier body.


Take on challenging brain games

There are some awesome brain teasers and games you can do to keep your brain active and ticking over. There’s a great Typing Game that can help to keep your brain sharp and also help to teach new skills like touch typing. Other games like sudoku and crosswords have a similar impact.

Mentally tough tasks increase your heart rate which in turn helps you stay mentally sharp. Keeping your brain educated boosts your cognitive functionality and strengthen your overall mental muscle, so grab your paper and do that sudoku puzzle.

Newspaper and Crossword

Head out of your house and socialise

You might not see socialising as staying active but it is. It doesn’t always have to be fitness related. Socialising gets you out of the house and similarly to physical exercise, gives you a distraction and can block any negative thoughts out. Like brain games, socialising keeps the brain active as you’re usually engaging in interesting topics of conversation. Social activity can be anything from heading down to your local, heading out on a lunch date or going to a dance group, any sort of activity outside of the house around other people is socialising.


These are just some of the great ways you can stay active and there are many more out there. Spending time with others and keep active is incredibly important for everyone and hopefully, today’s blog has helped you to see that moving forward.