The Christmas Live Sports Lineup is Out

The Christmas live sports schedule is out! For many of us, when it comes to the Christmas period, we think of time with the family, relaxing in front of a fire with a film on without a care in the world. For many others, it’s a time full of uninterrupted sport, with all the games going on across the following weeks in December and January. Whether you’re a keen football supporter keeping up with Liverpool dominating the Premier League, or after a sore World Cup Final still bearing to watch the rest of the rugby premiership season. From kicking a ball to running with a ball or even using a bat and ball there’s sport to be watched and here’s where to watch it!

Football Players

Is there any football on over Christmas?

Over the Christmas period, there’s a mountain amount of football to keep even the most up to date fan a run for their money. Sadly though, with the Premier League, many of the matches are split between sports providers including BT Sport, Sky Sports and now Amazon Prime!

Amazon Prime

New kids on the block Amazon Prime have gone all out this Christmas with full coverage of the Premier League over the 26th and 27th of December. With great reviews coming out of last week’s games you’ll be able to watch the biggest games this Christmas. You also get the live stats and commentary to go with it. But to get a feel of the football atmosphere they have streamable stadium audio so as you watch the game you can chant along with your team and fans as they play feeling like you’ve got a front-row seat to every game.

Football stadium

BT Sport

Although Amazon is the king for boxing day sports, BT takes the crown for New Year’s Day. On January first BT are covering big matches including Manchester United going down to the Emirates to face Arsenal in an attempt to fight for a Champions League spot. Norwich are battling their way out of relegation by going to Crystal Palace. Manchester City starts the New Year by trying to close the gap on Liverpool by securing a win at Everton.

As well as all the football action, there’s a whole host of other top sporting action from around the world. The main attractions being the rugby and cricket.

Rugby ground

Where can I watch the rugby over Christmas?

After so much action in the World Cup with England coming so close to victory, rugby is only growing stronger and stronger as a popular sport. With 12.8 million tuning in to see the tense final it’s no wonder this gentleman’s sport is becoming increasingly popular with the masses. If you’re still hungry for some rugby after the World Cup and you’ve got spare time in the holiday period. There’s no place better to be than on BT Sports.  With sole coverage of all Premiership games as well as the Champions Cup, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

I know it’s cold but is there any cricket on?

If you’re missing the summer sport of cricket due to our miserable cold winter weather, then have no fear because BT Sport is here. Cricket is one of the most popular Christmas live sports. Although we are suffering some cold and bitter weathers, Australia and New Zealand are basking in the sunshine. With Boxing Day comes some of the best test cricket you’ll ever see, with the two giants, Australia and New Zealand battling it out over the Christmas period promising some close calls and great action.

Cricket ground

How to get BT Sport

With so much going on in the Christmas live sports schedule you’ll not want to miss out! If you’re wanting to watch this from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll have to be a part of the BT Sports community by signing up to the service. All it takes is for you to have a Freeview or other digital service box and apply for the BT sport monthly pass where you can get all this sport plus much more for £25 per month. If you require any further information about BT Sport then head over to our BT Sports page or give their customer services a call if you have any issues with your account.