The Best January Holiday Deals 2020

January are blues hitting harder than ever in the final week leading up to payday. Many of us want nothing more than to be able to jet off and head for the sunshine. Thankfully many of our surviving holiday companies are offering some amazing deals to get you out of here on the cheap. 

Whether you’re on you last £20 and wanting to get off to Madrid with RyanAir for only £12.99 of that. Or you want to get a little further away and travel with British Airways to somewhere exotic with a warmer climate as they reduce costs to fly to Costa Rica and many more.


Ryanair has a reputation for being the budget airline used by many for those quick getaways. From a last-minute summer holiday to the white island of Ibiza to a cheap couples getaway to Rome for the weekend. Ryanair can make your holiday that much better by allowing you to have that little extra spending money.

Despite being incredibly low all year round over January Ryanair has reduced their prices even further! You can now fly to places such as Barcelona, Mallorca and Prague all for under £15!



The TUI group is the worlds leading integrated tourism group operating in 180 countries. They give holidaymakers the greatest choice of destinations and holiday packages available. Their most popular destinations are the UK’s favourites of Spain and Italy. You can also fly off to places as far as India and Japan!

What TUI are offering is for you to get the most for your money and get off to the places you’d never normally consider, with deals including £100 off when you spend £750, £150 off when you spend £2,000 and £200 off when you spend £3,000. 

Mt. Fuji

British Airways

British Airways is renowned for its long haul and luxury flights. Taking you all over the world whilst making you feel completely at home along the way. This January they have reduced the price of many holiday destinations giving you the opportunity to make your dream holiday come true. You can go enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York with flights costing only £262 return. If you fancy somewhere hotter then why not take a 7 day trip to St Lucia for £579 including flights and hotel.

 If you’re watching your spending over this long month then why not secure a short Europe trip? British Airways also has deals for a number of European city breaks. For £99 you can have a 2 days break to places such as Venice, Berlin or even Rome!

Time Square, New York during daytime

On the Beach

The On The Beach January sale offers savings on selected holidays to Turkey and Tunisia. Grab yourself some amazing savings of up to £100 per person. Plus, if January has drained you dry you can put down £20 per person and pay the rest on the lead up to your holiday!

Turkey is the perfect blend of beach break and cultural wonderland. Are you wanting to flop ‘n’ drop on a sun lounger Eyeing up the waterparks? Or is exploring the pretty towns of Antalya or Dalaman more your style? Whatever you’re after for your 2020 holiday, you’ll find it in Turkey!

Travelling to this Mediterranean beauty will make you the envy of friends, family and colleagues all year. Tunisia’s long stretches of sand, incredible food and must-see markets are too exciting to miss. Luckily, there are some great deals out there to make it affordable with On the Beach.

people near white and blue seaside resort viewing blue sea under blue and white sky

Many of these holidays deals run out by the end of January so make sure to find out the details before booking any holidays. This will stop the likelihood of your holiday prices going back up and costing you more than expected.