The 8 Unmissable TV Shows of the Summer

From brand new Game of Thrones to an oh-so relateable comedy and an apocalyptic finale. Here’s the best of summer TV 2017…

Tune into Sky or Apple Music, Amazon Prime or Channel 4 to discover your new TV show addiction.

1. Riviera

Spend 10 episodes in the sun-drenched and seductive French Riviera – home to American art collector Georgina. When a bomb blast kills her tycoon husband at a superyacht party, she’s left to deal with his shady connections.

Thriller fans, tune into Riviera from Thursday 15th June on Sky Atlantic.

2. The Crystal Maze

Will you start the fans please! Richard Ayoade is resurrecting 90s game show, The Crystal Maze for Channel 4 this summer. Teams of five will be pitted against each other in ultimate battle of brains and brawns – watch them navigate the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Future time zones in a maze masterminded by the original designer, James Dillon. To the crystal dome…

Watch The Crystal Maze on Friday 23rd June 2017 at 9pm on Channel 4.  

3. The Leftovers

An apocalyptic event, the ‘Sudden Departure’, killed 2% of the world’s population seven years ago. The anniversary could see rain wipe the world clean and only one man can make it all stop – it’s not the US President, intent on nuclear war. Comedy, horror and flashbacks to a prophecy in 1844 combine in a recipe for summer entertainment – The Leftovers is criminally underrated.

Watch the end of the world as you know it from Tuesday 4th July 2017 on Sky Atlantic.

4. Game of Thrones

Winter, war, wildlings and warriors are coming to Sky Atlantic this summer. Yes, the wait is over at long last – Game of Thrones normally airs in April. It’s anyone’s guess whether Cersi will still be sat on the Iron Throne by the end of episode seven. But if rumours are true, George R R Martin has remained true to notorious form, giving the penultimate series one heck of a cliff hanger.

Watch Game of Thrones at 2am or 9pm on Monday 17th July 2017 on Sky Atlantic.

5. The Tick

Like comic-book heroes that take their destiny, but not themselves too seriously? Catch Amazon’s faithful recreation of The Tick, a giant blue ‘insect’ with enviable antenna and Arthur Everest as his sidekick. Is the man insane? Perhaps, but he could also the hero he imagines himself to be.

Fans of the 90s cartoon simply have to watch Amazon Prime’s The Tick on Friday 25th August 2017 this summer.  

6. Insecure

Need a laugh this summer? Insecure will make you feel good. Follow three Los Angeles locals through the ups and downs of their professional and personal lives. When you last saw her at the end of series one, Rae was sobbing on a sofa, because she didn’t end up with Lawrence – the guy she spent her entire 20s with. Will the love triangle be fixed or are her hopes totally dashed?

Watch Insecure throughout August 2017 on Sky Atlantic.

7. Long Strange Trip

Musos aren’t left out either this summer, because you have the Long Strange Trip to look forward to on Amazon Prime. The six part documentary TV series will get you behind the scenes access into Grateful Dead’s rock’n’roll world, showing you what spurred them on to musical greatness and how they rode the wave of worldwide fame for over 30 years.

Catch the premier of Long Strange Trip on Friday 2nd June 2017 on Amazon Prime.

8. Carpool Karaoke

Apple Music’s first TV series is coming out this summer and it’s a tried and tested hit. Millions have watched superstars belting out their own smash hits, in a car with The Late Late show host James Corden – the Carpool Karaoke segment featured superstars like Adele or Sia, Harry Styles and Katy Perry. Now it’s its own show, with a new celebrity host interviewing the chart-toppers each episode.