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About Thames Water

Thames Water is a private utility company that serve over 15 million customers every day across London and the Thames Valley. And whilst you may only associate them as your water supplier, they also provide water waste management services too, keeping thousands of homes and businesses with clean running water and sanitary waste water systems on a daily basis.

Covering such a vast area that includes London, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Kent, they are in fact, the largest water and wastewater service company in the UK, with their customer base comprising of an impressive 27% of the UK population.

How do I contact Thames Water Customer Services?

It could be you have a leak in your mains water supply, you want to query your latest bill, notify of a change of address, arrange a meter reading or report a wastewater problem, either way you need to know the best number to call to reach Thames Water Customer Service. This is why whatever, the problem, we suggest giving them a call direct on the Thames Water Customer Services Number 0871 423 0172.

With the Thames Water Customer Service Number 0871 423 0172, they’ll be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible and find the right solution to your water-related concerns.

The History of Thames Water

Amazingly the history of Thames Water dates back to the 1600s. Between the 16th and 18th Century, Thames Water were instrumental in bringing water supply to London. With an increasing demand for water in the capital, a 40-mile channel was created that bought water from springs in Hertfordshire to Islington.

With the Industrial Revolution in the 18th Century, new and innovative ways were found to cope with the increasing population in London, with inventions such as cast iron piping. However, this meant more sewage waste was being pumped directly into the River Thames, which resulted in ‘The Great Stink’, where Parliament was closed and drastic measures were taken to clean the River Thames and make it more sanitary. A new Metropolitan sewage system was put in place, which was the ingenious Bazalgette’s sewer network that collected and cleansed the water before releasing it back into the river.

The 20th century saw vast improvements in water treatment with chlorination and a shake-up in the operations, dividing the UK water suppliers up into geographical areas to make ten major water authorities in 1974. However, parts of these were later privatised when the UK government passed the 1989 Water Act, which is when Thames Water PLC was formed.

Upon privatisation of the company, Thames Water heavily invested in infrastructure with the London Ring Main being launched in 1994, which improved the speed and efficiency of the water supply in London, as well as the Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) system, which improved the sewage treatment.

Thames Water Today

With such a vast network of water supply and wastewater management systems, Thames Water offers outstanding service to such an expansive area. They not only supply homes, but commercial premises too, consistently ensuring that problems are resolved and clean water is readily available and wastewater is safely disposed of.

Trusted by 15 million customers, Thames Water are sure to be able to help resolve any issues or complaints you may have. If you need to contact them, simply give them a call on the Thames Water Phone Number Customer Services 0871 423 0172.

With fully trained advisors they can help with a wide range of enquiries, whether you need to report a problem with a water supply in your local area, home or business or need to supply a final reading before moving house.

The Thames Water Contact Number 0871 423 0172 will ensure your call is taken directly to their customer service department and dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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