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About Tesco Direct

Tesco has been around for nearly a century and is ranked as the world’s third largest retailer based on profits. From humble beginnings as a grocery stall in London’s East End, it has now become a household name, offering a variety of services including Tesco Direct, which is a branch of the Tesco brand that is based purely online.

Through Tesco Direct customers can buy a wide range of goods from home furniture, clothes, toys, electrical appliances and gaming products. The service also allows users to arrange home delivery or use the click and collect in store service across all of Tesco Direct’s products.

If you are a user of Tesco Direct or are wondering how do I contact Tesco Direct customer services, you’ll be pleased to know that the Tesco Direct phone number for customer services is 0844 372 1485. Manned by experienced staff who can resolve any query you may have, you can call Tesco Direct customer services on 0871 527 7005 to get the answers to a wide range of queries.

The History of Tesco Direct

The history of Tesco dates back to 1919, when Jack Cohen started up a small group of market stalls in the East End of London selling groceries. In 1924, Cohen launched the first own-branded product, which was tea he had bought from T.E. Stockwell. Combining these initials with the first two letters of his surname, the Tesco brand was born.

As popularity grew, Cohen opened the first Tesco store in Burnt Oak, North London in 1929, which sold dry goods and of course the flagship Tesco tea. During 1934, Cohen bought a plot of land where he built headquarters and a warehouse, which was the first modern food storage unit in the country and introduced new ideas for stock control.

In 1937, expansion took place with Tesco building stores in the suburbs of London and by 1939, there were over 100 Tesco stores nationwide.

In 1948, Tesco’s first self-service store was opened in St Albans and in 1955, five hundred new stores were purchased, which led to the first Tesco supermarket being opened in 1958. This included the introduction of counters for cheese, butter and meats, which still exist today. Always looking to expand their product range, 1960 saw the introduction of household goods and clothing in Tesco stores, and the company acquired 212 more branches.

With the rise in popularity of supermarkets, Tesco introduced their first reward scheme in 1963 that consisted of collecting stamps that could be redeemed for goods in store – in effect, this is a system that is still around today. Continuing with their expansion in 1974, Tesco began selling petrol, with all major Tesco sites acquiring petrol stations.

The Eighties was a busy period for Tesco, as they introduced computerised check outs, completed a hostile takeover of rival supermarket, Hillards and launched their first healthy eating range of foods, a first for any UK supermarket.

In 1992 Tesco introduced the now well-known slogan “every little helps” and in the following year, they launched the new Tesco Value range. In close succession in 1994 the first two Tesco Express stores opened, shortly followed by another 13 and the Tesco Clubcard reward scheme was rolled out in stores in 1995.

This was also the year that Tesco went international, opening 26 stores in North-West Hungary and then in the Czech Republic in 1996. Later that year, Tesco opened their very first 24-hour store in the UK and in 1997 they began Tesco Personal Finance, offering a range of banking and insurance products.

Tesco continued to grow internationally, opening stores in Poland and Ireland in 1997 and 1998 and then in South-Korea in 1999. Over Tesco’s history, they have also opened stores in Malaysia, Turkey, Japan, China, India and Saudi Arabia.

In the millennium, Tesco.com was launched – becoming the Tesco Direct we know today. The initial online shopping experience was more of a catalogue business that offered further products other than food – such as home furnishings, electrical appliances and toys. The brand name changed to Tesco Direct in 2006, also altering the style and methods of how customers shopped online.

Tesco Direct Today

Today, Tesco Direct has moved with the times and is no longer an online catalogue, but a fully-functional online store, offering everything from electrical goods, clothing, home furnishings, health and beauty products through to sports and leisure products, baby and toddler products, toys, entertainment and books, garden products, DIY and car products.

If you need to find out anything relating to the services and products available from Tesco Direct, then you can call the Tesco Direct customer service number 0871 527 7005. They can help you with all manner of enquiries, from checking product availability, purchasing, order management, changing delivery details and so much more.

Of course, Tesco is very proud to offer a very comprehensive online service with a website that is full of helpful information and offer the flexibility to choose from their delivery service or click and collect in store. However, if you need more information that you can’t find on their website, you can call the Tesco Direct customer services number 0871 527 7005.

Tesco Directs customer services will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry, whether it’s relating to your account, purchases and returns of products or delivery and click and collect issues. By calling the Tesco Direct contact number 0871 527 7005, you’ll be connected to an advisor who will be more than happy to assist you.

Visit The Tesco Direct website – https://www.tesco.com/direct 

Tesco Direct Connection Service

0871 527 7005