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About Superdrug

Superdrug is the second biggest health and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom. They sell a wide assortment of toiletries, fragrance, make up, skin care and other products. The company also has pharmacies with consultation rooms in hundreds of their stores throughout the country.

How do I contact Superdrug Customer Services?

If you need to get in touch with the company, the Superdrug customer service number is 0871 244 4867. Whether you have queries about their products, or you are experiencing any problems with an order, you will be able to get the assistance you require.

The Superdrug customer service team consists of friendly, trained advisors, who are available seven days a week, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They deal with a wide variety of queries on a daily basis, including those concerning their Health & Beauty card, pharmacy, deliveries, returns, and much more. So, no matter what type of question you may have, you can dial the Superdrug contact number on 0871 244 4867 to get the help you require.

The History of Superdrug

The Goldstein Brothers founded the company in 1964 in London. At the time, it was incorporated under the name ‘Leading Supermarkets Limited’.  However, within the same year it adopted the name ‘Superdrug’. The first store opened on 26th April 1966 in Putney, London, and the chain grew at a rapid pace. By the early 1970s, there were 40 Superdrug stores throughout the country. Ten years later, this had multiplied to 300 stores.  The company continued to go from strength to strength and it was acquired for £57 million by Woolworth Holdings in 1987.

Superdrug Today

Superdrug now has a huge presence in the United Kingdom, with 850 stores located across the country, and 200 in-store pharmacies, as well as 15 stores with nurse clinics that offer health checks. However, the chain recently announced that it intends to open another 100 stores within the next three years. It is the second largest health and beauty retailer, with Boots taking the top spot. However, the retailer is growing at a rapid pace, and it almost doubled its profit in 2014, making it the fastest growing health and beauty retailer in the country.

Superdrug launched their first reward card in 2011, known as ‘The Beautycard’. Within the first year, one million customers had signed up to the loyalty scheme.  Recently, the chain has branched into the premium skin care market, which was ignited by their partnership with Pro Skin Clinics in 2012. This led to a number of specialist skincare clinics being established in Superdrug stores throughout the UK.

Superdrug has a reputation for high-quality health and beauty products. Not only do they sell a wide assortment of products from well-known brands, but also they have items that are exclusive to the chain as well as their own branded collection, which offers exceptional value for money. Their products feature a symbol of a leaping bunny, and this is to show that Cruelty Free International certifies them.

If you have a query, the Superdrug phone number for customer services is 0871 244 4867. When you call this number, you will be directly connected to an advisor, who will happily answer your queries. From late deliveries to website issues, the customer support team are friendly and trained to assist with calls of all natures. You can also be sure that the number we have provided you with is the most affordable and convenient method of getting in touch.

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