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About SKY

Sky was founded in November 1990 as a result of the merger of Sky television and British Satellite Broadcasting. It is a leading and popular British telecommunication company which is supplying television, broadband internet service and fixed line telephone facilities to UK consumers and businesses. The present services offered by Sky can be traced back to 1990 when the birth of Sky Movies and The Movie Channel came into existence, leading to consumers obtain a subscription to tune in. Since then Sky has grown substantially, developing a massive customer base.

The launch of Sky Digital took place in 1998. Sky Digital benefited from clearer picture quality, enhanced sound performance and an increased range of channels and interactive services. These advantages attracted consumers nationwide and within 30 days more than 100,000 Sky digiboxes were sold. In June 2000 it was recorded that the corporation had over 3.6 million subscribers for Sky Digital and about 8.9 million subscribers on other platforms. This corresponded to the growth of 34% share of viewers in the UK.

Services by Sky

In 2010, Sky television managed to achieve a milestone by providing services to 10 million homes in the UK, making up for 36% of the UK households, and covering almost 25m people. It is one of the leading providers of entertainment in the UK and innovative technology has a huge role to play in its success. Newer technology has been able to provide Sky Broadcasting a platform to provide services such as digital terrestrial television, Video on demand, broadband, and products such as the Digibox, Sky+, SkyGo, HD Channels and 3D movies.

In order to keep customers captivated, Sky kept creating and introducing newer channels and additional services to enhance the customer experience. The company also provides telephone services and broadband which is synchronised with its television offering to provide customers with a one-stop platform for their digital needs. You can call 0871 244 9719 for all enquiries relating to packages, operations and time schedules.

Customer Service

There are times when you could be facing problems with your Digibox, payment schedule or disturbance in the service. For all these enquiries plus many more, a reliable and efficient customer service department is essential. Sky realise that when you are paying for a premium service, you will expect to receive quality customer service in return. Sky strives to provide utmost customer satisfaction and exclusivity for Sky customers through services like SkyStore and SkyGo which enable customers to connect with programmes which they might have missed. The Sky customer services team provides valuable support to its customers and is reliable for addressing all matters with concerning their services. If you are facing problems setting up a new TV, or don’t know how to use some of the functions on the Sky remote, you can contact a Sky customer service representative on 0871 244 9719 who will guide you and offer assistance with your problems.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep up-to-date with additional services and the introduction of new technologies, so it is not uncommon for people to phone customer services to find out how Sky products can benefit them.

You can call 0871 244 9719 for any of these enquiries.

By contacting the Sky customer service number, you will be able to experience the levels of service you have come to expect from Sky. The company’s knowledgeable customer service team always aim to resolve your queries on the phone, however may be required to connect you to a more specialist member of staff from time to time.

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SKY Connection Service

0871 244 9719