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About Sheila’s Wheels

As part of Esure, Sheila’s Wheels a UK car insurance company was launched in October 2005. Currently celebrating over ten years in business, they have made their success by predominantly targeting female drivers, using female slants on their advertising and marketing to attract females in, although they do also sell to men.

Since the company’s success, they have evolved from offering straightforward car insurance. They now offer multi-car insurance, home and travel insurance. Shelia’s Wheels pride themselves on providing motoring benefits for women, including handbag cover, female friendly mechanics and a free counselling service for those who have been involved in a road traffic incident.

The Shelia’s Wheels phone number for customer services 0871 423 0817 is staffed by professionals that are well trained and happy to assist you with any queries regarding their products, including insurance quotations.

If you’re searching for information on levels of insurance cover or need any guidance surrounding any of their products, Sheila’s Wheels customer service number is 0871 423 0817.

The History of Sheila’s Wheels

Initially launched in 2005 by Peter Wood, Sheila’s Wheels has used effective marketing tools to promote the insurance company services.

In the early years of marketing and advertising, the Sheila’s Wheels brand introduced the three Sheila’s, who were brand characters who sung in the adverts. The Sheila’s received a lot of attention in the media and proved to be a very effective marketing strategy.

In 2007, the successful company held a competition named ‘make me a Sheila star’ in which more than 11,000 people entered. In January 2008, the company undertook a sponsorship deal with ITV to sponsor the ITV National Weather – this was the year Sheila’s Wheels introduced home insurance. They then added travel insurance to their portfolio in 2010, including unique features such as holiday handbag cover.

In 2011, Sheila’s Wheels moved into the broker market, working closely with other carefully selected individual insurers. In February 2013, Esure and Sheila’s Wheels became the first direct car insurers to offer quotes via the social media giants Facebook. In addition to this they also created the ‘Sheila’s Fund’, where any customer who has bought and still buys insurance via the social media app can donate £20 to one of three charities – Macmillan Cancer Support, Water Aid or the NSPCC.

However, they haven’t always had a smooth and easy ride. A European Court of Justice ruling in 2011, stated that they had breached EU rules on equality with gender based price discriminations. Due to this decision, car insurance rates for young female drivers rose.

Sheila’s Wheels Today

Today, Sheila’s Wheels are a popular insurance company underwritten by Esure that offers a range of insurance products from car, multicar, home and travel insurance, as well as breakdown cover and car hire.

Sheila’s Wheels head office – the Observatory – is located in Reigate in Surrey, and they have two other offices located in Manchester and Glasgow, where their customer services can be found. If you are wondering how do I contact Sheila’s Wheels customer service, the Sheila’s Wheels contact number 0871 423 0817 will connect you to a member of their staff.

The insurance company offers incentives for female drivers that differ from other insurance competitors, such as handbag cover for both car and travel insurance and a free counselling service for those involved in a road traffic collision.

They even provide female friendly mechanics that are more receptive to women’s needs and the needs of female motorists, such as dealing with car seats, arranging appointments out of school hours and flexible drop off and pick up times.

Sheila’s Wheels is active in many charities and educational initiatives within local communities both on a local and national level. They are founding partners of the Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign – an educational tool used to educate young drivers to decrease the risk of them being killed or seriously injured in motoring accidents.

They work with schools and the Fire & Rescue Services in the Surrey area to deliver educational sessions regarding the risks and consequences of dangerous driving. Sheila’s Wheels actively donate to charities and encourage charitable work amongst staff. Over their lifespan, they have made donations to 30 separate funds.

While you can visit Sheila’s Wheels website to find answers to the most frequently asked questions and to retrieve online car insurance quotes, some people find it easier to deal with speaking to trained professionals. You can contact Sheila’s Wheels customer services on the number 0871 423 0817 – they are available to take your call Monday-Friday 8am -8pm, 9am- 5pm on a Saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sundays.

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Sheila’s Wheels Connection Service

0871 423 0817