Sending flat pack items back to IKEA

Known for their exponential range of flat pack furniture, from sofas and beds to wardrobes and draws, IKEA has been a favourite for many of us to fulfil our furniture needs. Once you’ve made your purchase the next step is to begin the assembling process, pushing our DIY knowledge, skills and patience to the limit.

Sometimes after all the time and effort you’ve put in, you may find it doesn’t look as good as you first thought, it may not fit in the place you’d hoped or you’ll get that sinking feeling when you realise there’s a key part missing. With that in mind, you may find you need to send items back to IKEA, however, as we have to assemble these items ourselves, it can be confusing to work out how we go about returning them.

Time period

Keeping customers happy is important to IKEA. If customers are not happy with their purchases, then they have 365 days after the date of purchase to return what they have bought. Returns must be brought into the store and if the product is suitable for resale then IKEA are happy to refund your purchase via the same transaction process as when purchased. If you’ve purchased the product online then you have 14 days to cancel your purchase. Cancelling your purchase after the 14 days period will make you liable for the return of the product. IKEA offers a collection service for returns, however, cancellations after the 14-day period can be expected to be charged £25.

IKEA dining room


If after purchasing a product you find that a piece is missing or broken during its assembly, then you can get into contact with IKEA for a replacement. This can be done over the phone or taken into store. You will be required to present this information so that they can find the specific piece required:

Full name/Mailing address:

-Contact phone number

-Order number

-8-digit article number of the product (xxx-xxx-xx)

-5-digit supplier code located on the product label (xxxxx)

-A detailed explanation of the parts needed, including all part numbers (6 digit part numbers) can be found on the assembly instructions). If no part number is included, please provide the page and step number found in the assembly instructions where the part is located.

-Assembly Instruction version number showing on the bottom page of your assembly instructions (example: AA-259841-5)

This will come at no extra cost after purchase as it is a fault of the company and not the customer.

If after assembling the furniture you do not wish to keep the product as stated, you’re welcome to return the product for a refund. If, however, after the if assembly IKEA sees the product to have taken damage in any way that would affect the price of re-selling and IKEA reserve the right to refuse the returned product or may offer an exchange or gift card substitute. This is based on the criteria that they have set out and will be seen as damage caused by you handling the product in a way which goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.”


IKEA know that it can take time to get used to a new mattress and the nostalgia of your old one can seem to linger. That’s why they allow you 90 days to figure out whether you and your mattress are a match. If you don’t like your mattress you can exchange it for another one. Like other products, mattresses follow a 14-day cooling-off period whereby if you return the mattress within this period you’re entitled to a full refund. After finding your perfect mattress you have a free 25-year guarantee making sure you sleep easy in your new bed.

If you have any problems or faults when purchasing, or assembling your purchases or are wanting to return and products then make sure to visit the IKEA contact page and get into contact with their customer services who will be more than happy to help in any situation.