Safe ways to resell your See Tickets

Looking for that ticket to a concert, music festival, theatre or sporting event? See Tickets are one of the largest online ticket sales sites, offering a quick and easy online arena in which to buy (and sell) tickets.

However, unlike other ticket sites, they’ve recognised that plans change, and sometimes a ticket ends up being unused or unwanted. When that happens, what was an expensive investment can seem like money down the drain. To help customers get the most from their experience and, if necessary, get their money back, See Tickets have created a unique online community and ‘fan-to-fan’ marketplace, where customers who have bought a ticket through See can sell them on if they’re no longer needed. It’s free to list, and the site is fully protected by some pretty impressive firewalls, so your details are safe.


However, there are other avenues where you can sell that unwanted ticket on, so why use See Tickets?

Selling a ticket through 3rd-party sites

Reselling a ticket is known as ‘scalping’. You can be in shaky legal territory here, as selling on a ticket for more than its face value could quite easily be regarded as ‘touting’.  Selling tickets above their face value is not technically illegal in the UK (unless it’s a football ticket), but with the problem of counterfeit tickets and ‘multiple selling’ of a single ticket on the rise, it’s a very grey area where the average consumer is at considerable risk.

You could also unknowingly be selling your ticket on to a tout and even if you don’t charge a higher price than the face value, you could still be held complicit by supplying them with the ticket in the first place.

There are online ticket-selling sites, but many will charge you a very high fee to put your ticket up for sale. The number of ticket scammers out there also means that you’re handing over your details (sometimes personal financial information) to people who may misuse it later on (and who certainly don’t conform to the new GDPR legislation on data protection!).

Sports tickets

Under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, it’s illegal to resell football tickets, unless the resale has been authorised by the match organiser. If you do want to sell on a football ticket, then it’s important that you check the terms and conditions of the ticket first, to avoid falling foul of the law.


What makes See Tickets different?

Firstly, you don’t have to go around hunting for a good place to sell your tickets. Their online ‘fan-to-fan’ forum means that you are talking directly to fans who are looking for tickets like yours, so you save time. Their Fan-to-Fan Marketplace is a ‘Gumtree’ style system that lets you list your unwanted tickets. It’s completely free to list and sell tickets on the Fan-to-Fan Marketplace. The only additional charges you pay is a 5% booking fee on the list price, and delivery costs.

Getting your money

Once you’ve placed a ticket for re-sale at See Tickets, it probably won’t be too long before a fan snaps it up, especially if it’s a ticket to a high-profile event or sold-out gig. When you list your ticket, you’ll be asked for your debit card details so that the money can be paid directly to your card. You should receive payment five days after the event (not the date of the ticket sale), so bear that in mind if you’re selling a ticket well in advance of the event itself. You may not see the money in your account for some time.

Can’t I just get a refund?

To get a refund, you need to approach the event organiser or give ticket distributors like See Tickets a call. Getting a refund on your ticket may be difficult, as many tickets are sold on a ‘no refunds’ basis. The best way to recoup your money is to sell it on, through a reputable site that guarantees you the face value of your ticket, with minimal additional expenses.