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About Royal Mail

Who is Royal Mail?

Royal Mail is a postal and courier service based in the United Kingdom. They were originally founded in 1516 and now provide mail collection and delivery services throughout the UK. Letters sent by Royal Mail are deposited in letterboxes, taken to a post office or collected in bulk at businesses. Their distinctive red letterboxes first appeared in 1852 with a majority bearing the initials of the reigning monarch.

Who owns the Royal Mail?

For most of its history, Royal Mail was a public service operated as a government department. Following the Postal Services Act 2011, a majority of the shares were floated on the London Stock Exchange. The UK government still retained a 30% stake in the company but sold their shares in 2015 after 499 years of ownership.

You can call them on 0871 244 9738 to speak to them directly.

How to track Royal Mail parcels

To track your parcels you can use their Track and Trace service. This allows you to track your order and determine a delivery time so you can plan to be in your home. This ensures you won’t miss your parcel and won’t need to reorganise redelivery. You can also call 0871 244 9738 to track your delivery. 

What time does Royal Mail deliver?

Royal Mail delivers items once a day between Monday and Saturday. The time it takes for your parcel to arrive is dependent on the ‘class’. First Class parcels tend to be delivered the following day providing the parcel was sent in time. Second Class deliveries are generally delivered in around 2-3 working days. They also provide a “Special Delivery Guaranteed” service which guarantees the item will arrive the next working day by 9am or 1pm.

Time to deliver items can depend on a number of different factors:

  • The service you used to deliver your item
  • The date and time of your next delivery
  • Public/local holidays

How long do Royal Mail keep parcels?

Once they receive a parcel, they will keep it for a number of days before sending it back to the original sender. They keep your parcels for a maximum of 18 days before they send them back to the sender. If you want to organise redelivery, you need to arrange it a minimum of 2 days before the 18 day period to guarantee your parcel won’t be sent back. Call them on 0871 244 9738 if you’d like to organise redelivery of your parcel. 

How can I contact Royal Mail?

Speaking to a member of their customer services team is simple. All you need to do is call their customer services number 0871 244 9738 to speak to them directly. You may need to speak to them for a number of different reasons:

  • To track a parcel
  • Make a complaint about a lost or broken delivery
  • Make a general enquiry
  • Find out local store opening hours
  • Organise redelivery

Visit their website here –

Royal Mail Connection Service

0871 244 9738