Planning your family summer holiday

Putting the plan in place for your family summer holiday can be a strenuous task, so we’ve decided to make the process a lot easier for you. We’ll take you through our tops tips to make sure your family holiday runs as smoothly as possible, and both you and the kids create some truly incredible and priceless memories.

1 – Do you and your kids have passports?

If this is your child’s first holiday then it is likely they won’t have a passport, which is of course, incredibly important. You also need to make sure you check that your passport is in date, otherwise your holiday may not start off on the right foot!

If your passport needs renewing or you require a new one then get in touch with the Passport Office customer services team. They will be able to help you with any of your enquiries and guide you through the renewal process. They’re also there to help if you are acquiring a new passport for your child.

2 – Is the accommodation family friendly?

Not all accommodation is suitable for families, depending on where you are travelling too. If you’re heading to a quiet resort then it is likely you are safe. However, in busier and more popular resorts across places like Ibiza and Tenerife you may find you encounter slightly party-led hotels and apartments. Most resorts have quieter hotels available for families with younger children, away from the hustle and bustle of the party accommodations.

Are you needing entertainment in the evenings? Some hotels offer entertainment that will keep your kids occupied and entertained whilst you’re away. This often offers you the opportunity to have a bit of relaxation time.

Still looking for accommodation? There is a whole host of options over on both and On The Beach, catering for the needs of all families.

Family beach

3 – Get travel insurance sorted

Travel insurance is incredibly important. If anything happens to you or your family whilst you’re abroad, travel insurance covers potentially huge costs that may occur. It covers medical costs and also covers you if you need to return home in the case of an emergency. Travel insurance is incredibly cheap, and you can often get family deals to cut the cost even further.

4 – Take foreign currency with you

Drawing money out of cash machines in foreign countries can be an expensive task. Not only do you get charged a poor exchange rate, cash machines often charge you for the pleasure of using them. Head to your local Royal Mail Post Office and either pull the money out in cash or grab a travel card before you head off.

Family Pier

5 – Write a packing list

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and realising you’ve left your passports at home, or getting to your accommodation and realising you haven’t packed any swimwear. Write yourself a convenient ticked checklist so you can tick things off as you pack, this ensures you haven’t forgotten anything and avoids the last minute scramble to ensure you’ve packed everything. You’ll thank yourself later!

6 – Contact your bank

Some banks may see a bank transaction abroad and block your account due to suspected fraudulent activity. All it takes is a simple phone call to your bank, letting them know you’re heading abroad and this won’t be an issue you encounter. Get in touch with the likes of NatWest, SantanderRoyal Bank of Scotland and HSBC before you head out, you’re better off safe than sorry!

Family beach

7 – Travelling to the airport

It’s highly likely you can’t just walk to the airport, and you have to remember that, in the summer, taxi services will be incredibly busy going to and from the airport. Book your taxi in advance to avoid the stress of waiting for a taxi to be free to take you. If you book, you choose the time, and you are safe in the knowledge that you will arrive at the airport with time to spare before check in!

Another handy tip: Check in online before you head off, it speeds up the queuing process. Kids will get bored waiting, so save yourself the aggro! 

8 – Plan your kid’s entertainment

Keeping your kids entertained will make both yours and their life far more enjoyable. Happy kids = happy parents, so planning their entertainment in advance will ensure they remain happy. Most holiday resorts have entertainment from zoos to water parks and beach activities. Before you head off, make sure you have checked the resort is suitable from a fun perspective so your kids can enjoy themselves as much as possible.


9 – Take some time out of the sun

If you’re heading abroad this summer it’s incredibly likely you will be heading somewhere nice and warm. It’s always a good idea to find yourselves a spot in the shade to protect your kids from the sun, and give you somewhere cool to settle. Of course, relish in the heat and enjoy the sun, but finding somewhere nice and cool and shaded means you will be far more comfortable and less burnt!

10 – Don’t forget yourselves!

It’s important you don’t forget it’s your holiday too! Take some time to yourself, more often than not most resorts will have activities on angled towards parents so get involved! Or alternatively, take yourself away for a walk and enjoy the views and the scenery.

Woman on beach