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About PayPoint

Formed in 1996, PayPoint offers its customers the chance to keep an eye on their energy use, both for financial and environmental reasons. Using PayPoint outlets, they can pre-load their gas and electricity meters with money. This allows them to manage their spending on fuel, which is ideal for those living on a budget. Since it was founded, the company has acquired other clients such as the BBC, who now use it as their sole cash network for those paying the BBC Licence Fee. PayPoint is also used by several car parks to enable customers to pay for their parking by phone. There are PayPoint terminals in more than 50,000 shops and supermarkets across the UK.

PayPoint continues to expand its services and has teamed up with Western Union, to offer a PayPal-style facility, through which users can send and receive and send money across the world. In addition, the company offers its customers the ability to buy travel tickets or top-up their travel smart cards, through a variety of transport operators across the UK, including Arriva and National Express. For those who want to shop online but don’t have a credit or debit card, PayPoint terminals also act as a portal through which customers can use e-vouchers, which can be used to shop at a range of e-shops. All these services are available through the PayPoint terminals, for users’ convenience.

What they offer – Services

Whether you use cash or a debit or credit card, PayPoint is a free service. However, credit and debit cards can only be used when purchasing the TV Licence Fee; all other transactions are a cash-only service. There is no requirement for a customer to make a purchase from a shop in order to use its PayPoint outlet. Any shops or supermarkets that enforces pre-purchase of goods as a policy can be reported online at Alternatively, you can call their contact number 0871 244 9709.

However, PayPoint isn’t just for paying bills or topping up meters. The company also provides its users with a convenient and simple way to send, collect and even return parcels through one of its many participating retailers. In addition to being able to collect parcels from these shops and supermarkets, PayPoint customers can return unwanted items they may have received from online retailers, or even send parcels directly to a recipient’s home address. One of the few true rivals to the Royal Mail, PayPoint deals with an estimated 20million parcels each year.

For anyone who’s never used PayPoint before, the company’s website offers clear advice on how to find and use terminals in their area. It covers everything from obtaining energy cards with or without an RTI number to updating energy keys and sending money to other people. The company has processed around £10billion pounds in payments each year since its foundation.


Problems with Payment

As with any payment system, there are occasional problems. In July of 2018, the company fell victim to a national outage, which saw the majority of terminals rendered useless for a few hours. However, despite the temporary inconvenience, PayPoint was able to reboot the system and normal service was quickly resumed.

To help with other payment problems, the website offers a ‘Payment Issues’ page, which covers a variety of problems accompanied by solutions. Where energy payments are concerned, the initial advice for most situations is to contact the gas or electricity provider to confirm that payments have been made. As terminals issue receipts for payments, these should be kept, as the information they hold can be used to resolve disputes. Similarly, the site offers advice for those using retailers’ ATMs if the machine has dispensed the incorrect amount. If you have a problem with payment, call their contact number 0871 244 9709.

Where are they?

PayPoint’s head office is located in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. While most customer service issues can be resolved with the participating retailer or with the service supplier, PayPoint has its own customer care phone line. This number is open from 9am to 5pm, from Monday through to Friday and is closed on weekends. For non-urgent enquiries, email is best, and the contact address and phone numbers are both available through this article.


PayPoint acts as a money-sending service between suppliers and customers who may not have credit or debit cards. As such, most complaints are best directed at the service provider. However, in the event that you need to launch a complaint or raise an issue, email and the contact number (0871 244 9709) shown on this website are the best ways to get in touch with the company.


To use the MyPayPoint facility, you’ll need to set up an online account. To ensure your personal data is secure and can only be viewed by you, it’s worth creating a strong password. Typically, these consist of random numbers and letters – but be sure it’s something you can remember. If you forget or lose your password, the MyPayPoint page has a facility to reset it through your email address.

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PayPoint Connection Service

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