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About PayPal

Originally established in 1998 under the company name Confinity, it was then launched as PayPal, the public money transfer service we know today in 1999. The American company, owned by eBay, provides millions of users with an online payment system that can be used anywhere in the world. The system transfers money online, rather than traditional methods of payment such as money orders and cheques, allowing users to pay for goods anywhere in the world.

Operating in more than 190 countries around the world in 26 different currencies, PayPal is now the world’s largest payment company. With a global reach, PayPal customer services strive to support to a huge number of different customers and vendors with a wide range of queries. The PayPal customer service number 0871 423 0175 will connect you with highly trained staff who will provide support and guidance when it comes to using the online money transfer system or dealing with any disputes. If you’re looking for help with your login details, account access, money withdrawals and refunds, PayPal contact number 0871 423 0175 is the right number to call to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

The History of PayPal

The history of PayPal begins with Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery, who co-founded Confinity in December 1998, a company that specialised in developing high level security software for use on mobile phones and other handheld devices. In 1999, under Confinity, they launched PayPal as a money transfer service, which was funded by BlueRun Ventures.

A merger with online banking company in March 2000, led to renaming to PayPal in 2001 and ceasing their internet banking services, thus focusing solely on the money transfer services provided by PayPal.  PayPal was launched onto the stock market in 2002 and was subsequently bought by eBay later that year.

For an auction site like eBay, PayPal then became the default and most popular way to purchase items over eBay, over its Citibank’s c2it, Google Checkout, Western Union’s BidPay service and Yahoo!’s PayDirect, all of which have now closed.

Acquiring the VeriSign payment solution in 2005 and a partnership with MasterCard in 2007, allowed PayPal to expand their online business services and provide more secure methods of payment through the internet. The MasterCard partnership brought about the introduction of the PayPal Secure Card service. By creating a unique MasterCard number for single use on each payment,   customers were able to make payments on websites that didn’t directly accept PayPal.

In 2008, PayPal improved its fraud and security services by acquiring Fraud Sciences and then went on to buy Bill Me Later that supplied credit allowances for over 9000 vendors in the United States. By 2010, the company saw continuous growth in revenues and had over 100 million active users. This growth trend continued, as in 2012 they joined forces with Discover Card. This partnership meant that PayPal payments were now possible across all of Discover Card’s network, which was consisted of 7 million stores. In 2013, PayPal began developing mobile services, launching PayPal Me in 2015 where people can make payments to each other.

PayPal Today

Today PayPal is still the world’s largest online payment system. Most recently they launched the PayPal Me service across 18 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Australia, Russia, Turkey, France, Canada, Poland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria the Netherlands and Denmark. This latest service also introduced a mobile-first user experience that enables even faster payment sharing.

Consistent innovation and attention to detail have helped PayPal stay current in an ever-changing climate, and PayPal now has more than 179 million active accounts in 203 markets worldwide, making it the most favourable way to deal with sending and receiving funds between both individuals and businesses. If you’re wondering how do I contact PayPal customer service for any help or assistance using their services, then the customer services number 0871 423 0175 is the correct number to call.

There are a wide variety of different reasons to contact PayPal, and while the company’s website has a plethora of links to help you with any problems, sometimes it is necessary to give them a call.

The PayPal phone number for customer services 00871 423 0175 is there if you need additional support; and is available Monday-Friday 8 am -10 pm, 8 am – 9 pm on Saturdays and 9 am -8 pm on Sundays.

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