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About Npower

Npower is a one of the UK’s well-known electricity generators and suppliers of gas and electricity. Servicing over 5.4 million residential and business customers with electricity and gas, they offer a range of different services throughout the UK, with their headquarters based in Swindon, Reading.

Whilst their core services are with gas and electricity supply, npower offer their customers a whole host of additional services that include boiler installation, servicing and repairs, as well as providing an emergency service should you experience any problems like a gas leak or power cut.

There are numerous reasons you may need to contact Npower, but with so much emphasis put on online help and support, you may be left asking yourself “how do I contact Npower customer services direct?” Well the answer is simple, you can call the Npower phone number customer services 0871 423 0167. It doesn’t matter whether you need emergency support, want to notify a change of address, give a final meter reading, query a bill, discuss prices and tariffs or switch providers, the Npower customer service advisors are always more than happy and capable of giving you the assistance you need.

The History of Npower

Despite Npower being a UK based energy generation and Supply Company, it is in fact owned by a German company, RWE. RWE are one of the five leading gas and electricity companies in Europe in the supply, generation, trading and transmission of electricity and gas and have an impressive portfolio that spans Npower’s capabilities too.

However, before the company was bought by RWE in 2002 to become RWE npower PLC, trading as npower, the company was named Innogy PLC, which was part of the UK operations for National Power.

As npower they operate a number of gas, coal, biomass and oil-fired power stations that produce more than 10% of the electricity used in Great Britain. RWE npower have also put themselves at the forefront of renewable energy production with heavy development in wind and hydroelectric power generation.

Npower Today

In the competitive energy marketplace today, npower sit proudly with a huge residential and commercial customer base. They offer reliable and cost effective energy supply and installation services, with all the mod-cons you would expect for keeping track of your energy usage, tariffs and billing information. This means that customers can easily manage their energy supply and with such a large company you know you’re going to get good customer service when it counts. This could be in an emergency where you’ve got a gas leak or your boiler breaks down, or to simply clarify energy usage and bill queries.

Whatever your reasons for needing to contact Npower, with a one simple phone call to the Npower customer service number 0871 423 0167, you can rest assured you’ll get all the help you need. The Npower customer service team deal with a wide range of queries, issues and problems on a daily basis, so whether you want to switch to Npower, arrange for a boiler maintenance, change your tariff or make a complaint, by calling the Npower contact number 0871 423 0167 your issue won’t stay unresolved for long.

For the quickest and most efficient means of reaching Npower, call Npower customer service on 0871 423 0167.

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