New Year, New Phone

January marks the start of a new year, a new decade and a lot of new changes for many people that are looking to start with their best step forward, so how about a new phone? For many, this means to start a new gym membership, or reading a new book. For some, however, giving yourself a fresh outlook on the year can start by getting yourself a new phone.

Getting rid of old, slow phones can give us a new lease of life and outlook when connected to the world of information and friends with the quickest of devices.

With so much being put into new mobile technology you can now do so much more with our devices than what was ever imagined 10 years ago. A great example of this is the aspiring photographer investing in an iPhone 11 giving them the ability to take high-quality photos with the ability to professionally edit them all on the same device.

However, due to these phones becoming more expensive year on year, our contract lengths are getting longer and longer keeping up trapped in the same contract for a standard of 24 months. So how are we supposed to make the most of these deals when we’re stuck in a contract?

person holding black phone

EE phone upgrades

With EE you have the ability to upgrade from your current handset for free if you’re in the final month of your contract. Any time before then you’ll have to pay a fee which increases depending on how long you have left on the contract. If you believe you need an upgrade due to your phone becoming outdated or a newer model suits your need better than it’s best to call the EE customer services. You can enquire about when would be best for you to upgrade and what deals are available.

O2 phone upgrades

Upgrading your phone on O2 is a lot cheaper and easier for customers in comparison to their competitors. The introduction of O2 refresh allows customers to have more control over their contracts and when they chose to upgrade. O2 Refresh allows customers to lower the price of their monthly bill once they have paid off their device. It also allows customers to trade in their old phones in exchange for newer models on part- exchange. This can be at any point in the contract not just when the contract is nearing its end. To find out more about O2 Refresh make sure to call O2 Customer Services. They will answer any questions on your contract and advise what offers are available.

person throwing black smartphone

Vodafone mobile upgrades

Vodafone offers a similar upgrade process as EE. With their Flexi-Upgrade, you can upgrade your contract at any point after 6 months. This, however, is limited to plans that are of the same value or of a higher value than the current contract that is in place. With this upgrade will come an early upgrade fee that is calculated based on how long is left on the current contract. The price of the early upgrade is analysed and refreshed every day as the price is reduced the longer you stay on your current contract.

In order to have the Flexi-Upgrade package, you’ll have to have an Essentials, Red Extra or Red Entertainment phone plan. If you would like to find out how much it would cost for you to upgrade at this moment in time make sure to call Vodafone Customer Services. You can request an upgrade and they’ll happily inform you of what they have to offer. They’ll also advise how much you will be charged for the upgrade.

One of our favourites

One of our favourites offers on at the moment is for the Google Pixel 4. This phone comes with a top of the range camera built into the amazing device. You also get along Android software giving you access to one of the largest software marketplaces available. With EE you can get this handset for £75 upfront and the £23 a month after that. With this deal, you get the amazing phone along with Unlimited texts and minutes and 4GB of data a month!

Another household favourite is Apple’s iPhone 11, although it was brought out alongside the Pro and a Pro Max version. The iPhone 11 itself in a class of its own. It doesn’t lack on performance and quality. Only missing one camera lens, the iPhone 11 can deliver everything its prestige models offer without the massive price tag.