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About Monzo

Who are Monzo?

Monzo is a digital and mobile-based banking app, regarding themselves as the bank of the future. They provide a platform for their customers to budget with ease and save money as they spend. You can control your finances through their easy to use app that gives you a spending summary broken up into categories so you can see where your money is being spent. You can contact Monzo on 0871 244 9725

Take Monzo around the world

One of Monzo’s biggest selling points is their travel perks that come with your Monzo card. Your card can be used in any country around the world and, unlike with normal banks like Natwest and Santander you don’t need to tell them you’re going away. You can also withdraw up to £200 abroad every 30 days without being charged the usual fees for withdrawing money abroad (you’ll be charged 3% after that). You won’t be charged any fees for using your card abroad and Monzo won’t mark up the exchange rates. So you can travel abroad without worrying about the multiple fees you usually get charged.

Time to get saving

Another of Monzo’s main selling points is their encouragement in helping you save your money. You can save for anything from a house to a holiday or just a weekend away with the family. All you need to do is set up a pot and start saving. You can add and withdraw money whenever you like. They also offer a pot where the spare change from any purchases you make get set aside and saved for you. You don’t even have to lift a finger! So, for example, if you spent £2.46 at the shop, the pot would automatically add the £0.56 change into a pot for you. You’d be surprised how much you can save in a month!

Secure bank transfers

If you need to send money between your own personal accounts or to a friend, the Monzo app allows you to do this safely and securely and with ease. Managing direct debits and standing orders has never been easier and can all be done through their app. Money can be sent internationally and Monzo claims this is 8x cheaper than most high street banks.

Online banking

Lost your card? Freeze it

It’s incredibly easy to accidentally misplace or lose your card. No one enjoys the panicked wait on the phone for your bank to cancel your card so no one else can use it. With Monzo, you can simply go into the app and freeze your card so it can’t be used. If you find it again you can defrost it and keep using it. Alternatively, you can order a new one and it will arrive the next day. You can be safe in the knowledge your money will remain untouched.

How do I get in touch with Monzo?

Most things can be done through the app but everyone likes to speak to a human every once in a while to sort out any issues. Their phone lines are open 24/7 so you can call them anytime about a number of different things. Simply call 0871 244 9725 and you’ll be put through to one of their dedicated customer services team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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Monzo Connection Service

0871 244 9725