Money-Saving Discounts Virgin Media Customers Need to Know About

Christmas is the most expensive time of year, so why not cut costs where you can? Find out whether you’re eligible for Virgin Media’s special broadband and telephone discounts…

Speedy Internet, Smaller Bills

You’re in for an early Christmas present if you’re a Virgin Broadband customer, because you could make similar savings to their Black Friday internet deals – by signing up to a discounted package by late December 2016. You’ll pay the cheaper price for an entire year, before it rises back to the standard cost.


What’s On Offer Until Late December 2016?

  • Save £108 on Virgin’s SuperFibre 50 mbps package in 2017, now £18 per month
  • Save £108 on Virgin’s VIVID 100 mbps broadband in 2017, now £23 per month
  • Save £108 on Virgin’s 200 mbps service in 2017, now £31 per month

Want to take your online gaming to the next level?

Take advantage of Virgin’s special 200 mbps ‘Gamer’ package before the end of December 2016 – with a 20 mbps upload speed, for £45 per month.


But that’s not all. You’ll also have free access to Virgin’s Wi-Fi hotspots while you’re out and about, including those on London’s tube service. On top of which, you’re treated to free internet security, parental controls and email.

Sound good to you? Call Virgin Media to speak to their customer service team.

But don’t despair, non-Virgin customers, you could challenge your utility bills and haggle your provider down to a lower price – using our guide. If you’re with EE or BT, who are the most complained about broadband providers according to Ofcom, what do you have to lose?

Telephone Line Rental Frozen at £17.99 from January 2017

This December deal, ‘Talk Protected’ is well worth telling your parents about, if you’re not eligible yourself.

From New Year’s Day, Virgin Media are capping telephone line rental at £17.99, indefinitely – for elderly customers over the age of 65 and for those of you with accessibility needs, spanning a range of hearing, sight, speech and mobility impediments.


So, what does your money get you?

  • All evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and mobiles are covered, even calls to 0845, 0870 and directory numbers
  • Your caller display and voicemail comes completely free
  • You’ll also get £5 off other Virgin Phone plans, including Talk More Anytime and Talk More International, saving you money in more ways than one

“For some people their landline is their lifeline, it’s important that those who rely on this service the most are not left behind,” Gregor McNeil, Managing Director of Consumer at Virgin Media explained.

Elderly customers and those with accessibility don’t often benefit from the cheaper bundles which include broadband or TV, so this is a deserved special discount that’s trying to right that wrong.

How to get what’s yours

If you’re already a Virgin customer, you’ll soon be contacted if you’re eligible – although you could register your interest by phoning Virgin Media’s customer service team directly. You should automatically be upgraded in January 2017.

Those of you with disabilities, who aren’t yet Virgin Media customers can join ‘Talk Protected’ on New Year’s Day – again, you could call their customer service team today, to check that you’re eligible.