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About Maternity Allowance

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for many mothers who aren’t able to financially support their child. Maternity Allowance is a benefit which provides mothers who aren’t eligible for statutory maternity pay. It is important to know whether you qualify for Maternity Allowance benefit and you can do so by calling 0871 244 4852.

Do you qualify for Maternity Allowance? Call the Maternity Allowance customer service number and ask them if you are eligible.

People with different lifestyles require varied working hours and have different kinds of employment contracts. Many women are facing the much talked about ‘zero hours’ contract which puts them at a disadvantage. The ‘zero hours’ contract doesn’t allow people to have the same benefits as a standard full-time contract. Due to this many women might not benefit from statutory maternity pay despite the fact that they are working. You can call Maternity Allowance contact number to ask whether you fit the criteria to receive the benefit.

My employer says I am not eligible for Maternity Allowance, what do I do?

Employers don’t know what benefits or allowances you are eligible to receive because your personal situation can change and they aren’t always the best people to consult with. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for receiving Maternity Allowance benefits then it is best to call Maternity Allowance contact number 0871 244 4852 and speak with a representative who will explain to you all the formalities and determine your eligibility.

I want to know about the process for qualifying for Maternity Allowance.

The first step is to call 0871 244 4852 and they will guide you regarding filling out the MA1 form. Completing application forms can be confusing but a Maternity Allowance customer service representative will assist you to avoid any confusion that you may have. The Maternity Allowance customer service team will also inform you about how long it will take for your application to process. It normally takes about 14 days, during which you can call the Maternity Allowance customer service number any time for further assistance and information.

I have been informed of the decision but I am not happy with it and I would like to speak to someone.

After waiting for 14 days to receive a decision when you receive one which isn’t to your liking it can be frustrating especially when you are pregnant and nearing your delivery date. In such situations, it is nice to hear a reassuring voice and offer you advice as to what course of action to take. By calling 0871 244 4852 you can find out more information on how to make an appeal. Maternity Allowance has two types of appeals which depend on the date when you received your initial decision. Therefore in order to avoid confusion speak to a Maternity Allowance customer services representative.

When can I call the Maternity Allowance customer services team?

The standard hours to call the Maternity Allowance customer service number is from Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm. You can call during this time and expect to speak to a friendly and helpful customer services representative who will try their best to assist and resolve all of your concerns and issues.

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Maternity Allowance Connection Service

0871 244 4852