Last Minute Getaway with Airbnb

With the British summer almost over, many of us are wishing that we could get away one last time before preparations start for the cold coming months ahead. Normally last-minute holidays are a mere pipedream, however, there are some holidays out there that might tempt you to jump on the plane again. 

With so many sunny destinations across Europe your spoilt for choice with world-leading city break destination Lisbon or closing parties in Ibiza very much still an option. With Airbnb there are 100’s of places you can go to get that fully deserved break. You can choose from private villas, picturesque apartments, shared flats and many more. We’ve compiled our list of the top 3 locations you should take a look at for a last-minute getaway. 


After winning the award for the best city break in the world for the second year running we can’t not mention Lison. With the temperatures staying in the mid 20’s till October the sun hangs around for a bit longer than it does in the UK. In fact, the months nearer the end of the year is the best time to visit Lisbon. From late August to October then the sun and the heat stick around so you can enjoy Lisbon with the summer heat but without the crowds of tourists lining the streets. 

With such high accolades comes the high amount of impressive things to do from exploring the Belem, learning in awe about the strong history of Lisbon and their amazing architecture used for the once-dominant Portuguese harbour or even the Praça do Comércio, once the entrance for all trade into Portugal and now a stunning grand square. Airbnb also publishes a lot of attractions and events for tourists to do, including getting out to sea and enjoying some time on the calming ocean.

Yard of the Palace


Rome wasn’t built in a day and you certainly can’t explore it in a day either. With so much history built within Rome’s walls, it’s a great place to walk, explore and learn about the city with great food and attractions to match. A great place to start is to enter the world’s smallest independent international state, Vatican City,  this combined with the Sistine chapel gives you access to some of the most amazing history about the Vatican and Catholicism that rules over it.

It also has artwork worth boasting about including the world-famous ceiling of the Sistine chapel created by Michelangelo a highlight of the Italian renaissance. Although a lot of attractions will come with entry fees an amazing part of Rome is that ancient history is littered all over the city, with so much to be seen in the open air, it bodes a great way to enjoy walking through the city and finding new places to eat and drink on your travels and help find your taste for the old wines of Italy.

Rome sunset


If you’re wanting to get the most of a quick last-minute getaway, then there aren’t many places better than Barcelona! As the home of Barcelona F.C., the city sees 1000’s of tourists enter the city and the stands each year making it a hotspot destination for football fans worldwide.

If football isn’t your thing then don’t worry, Barcelona has loads more to offer. From the eclectic shopping scene to the stunning Gaudi inspired Parc Guell and the world-famous Sagrada Familia, Barcelona is awash with modern and historic culture. If it’s art and culture you’re searching for then you have plenty to choose from. There are loads of free tours on offer around the city including the popular Gothic quarter of Barcelona, exploring how the city grew into what it is today, learning of its bloody history and great accomplishments. You can also enjoy a taste of the seaside life by heading to Barceloneta Beach to relax and unwind from all the sightseeing.  With many bars and restaurants behind it, there’s no need to venture far from your towel on the sands in order to replenish and refresh yourself throughout the day.

Barcelona fan

If you’re looking for a last-minute getaway, then you may also want to consider contact or On the Beach as they have some great last-minute deals for destinations across Europe and the UK.