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About Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)

Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA)

Whether through redundancy, the inability to find a job or whether you’ve lost your job for any other reasons, it’s essential you are able to live by other means, and whilst you search for a new job, Job Seekers Allowance can help you through, providing a sum of money regularly towards the most important costs, such as food or rent. Like many government benefits, however, the rules are complex, and many people ask how do I contact job seekers allowance customer services in order to register for JSA, to amend a claim or to find out why payments have stopped. As it is, the Job Seekers Allowance contact number 0871 423 0152 will connect you to Job Seekers Allowance customer service team, who will be happy to talk you through eligibility criteria, why payments may have been stopped or any other query relating to Job Seekers Allowance.

The History of Job Seeker’s Allowance

Job Seekers Allowance has changed since its inception in 1995, from the legislation passed in the House of Commons pertaining to the JobSeekers Act. The actual creation of Job Seekers Allowance as a benefit began in 1996, as a change to what was once Income Support. The change was made to try and ensure that compliance with the requirement for those able to seek work to do so was higher. In 2011, a mandatory work requirement was added to the act by Iain Duncan-Smith for those having claimed for 13 weeks. The expectation for the requirement was that those “signing on” for thirteen weeks would complete up to four weeks at 30 hours per week’s worth of mandatory work, which was meant to bring the long term unemployed back into the

Job Seeker’s Allowance today

It is thought that approximately 2% of the UK welfare expenditure is spent on Job Seekers Allowance, and according to reports, there are currently 100,000 people claiming long-term JSA at any given time. The way in which the benefit is structured has changed over this time, and whilst the main eligibility criteria of being over 18 and not working paid or unpaid for over 16 hours per week whilst claiming have remained, there have been changes in how they must look for work to comply with the conditions set at the original interview. Applications can now be made on the phone or online, but claimants must attend interviews to sign a contract with their work advisor. In addition to these changes, sanctions to the benefit can be put in place and payments can be stopped at any time if the claimant is thought to have breached the terms of their agreement, through failing to attend appointments, voluntarily leaving paid work or failing to seek work amongst other reasons. Although there have been many different perspectives in the news about how fair or unfair these sanctions are, those claiming Job Seekers Allowance should do their best to make sure that they fulfil every part of the agreement signed with their work advisor to reduce the chances of sanctions being put in place.

As with many government agencies, Job Seekers Allowance customer services 0871 423 0152 is staffed between the restricted hours of Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, and when contacting them, you should have all the details of your claim to hand to ensure that your query can be dealt with successfully. By having everything you may be asked for when calling Job Seekers Allowance phone number for customer services 0871 423 0152, you’ll be less likely to have to make more than one phone call to sort out your claim for Job Seekers Allowance.

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Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) Connection Service

0871 423 0152