Is Your Area Set to Have an Internet Upgrade?

As part of their ‘Supercharging Local Communities’ initiative, Virgin Media unveiled the next thirty communities to benefit from their ultrafast fibre broadband by spring 2017. You may be one of the lucky ones…

Over 5,000 votes were cast between 29 February and 30 June via Cable My Street as communities fought to bring Virgin’s ultra-fast broadband to their area. Residents in the top thirty towns and villages will get Virgin’s Vivid 200 broadband by next year, which is two and a half times faster than available speeds from BT, TalkTalk and Sky – perfect for streaming music and movies. Local businesses are set to receive 300Mbps, almost four times faster than Virgin’s main competitors.

Paul Buttery, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response from the local communities and as a result we have decided to speed up our network expansion plans, to connect the next 30 villages by spring 2017. But we won’t stop there – we urge more people to come forward and tell us where we should expand to next.”

By bringing fibre broadband to the parishes and smaller communities up and down the country, Virgin Media show that ultrafast broadband and TV isn’t just for the big cities. So go ahead and take a look to see whether your home is one of the thirty lucky thirty places set to benefit from the scheme…


  1. Windlesham (Surrey)
  2. Sutton Courtenay (Oxfordshire)
  3. Balsall Common (West Midlands)
  4. Old Basing (Hampshire)
  5. Oakley (Hampshire)
  6. Farnham Common (Buckinghamshire)
  7. Wargrave (Berkshire)
  8. Lickey, Catshill, Marlbrook & Barnt Green (Worcestershire)
  9. Cullingworth (West Yorkshire)
  10. Shrivenham (Oxfordshire)
  11. Baddesley Ensor (Warwickshire)
  12. Harden (West Yorkshire)
  13. Broughton Astley (Leicestershire)
  14. Grimethorpe (South Yorkshire)
  15. Wigginton & Haxby (North Yorkshire)
  16. Copmanthorpe (North Yorkshire)
  17. Grassmoor (Derbyshire)
  18. Pontyclun (Rhondda)
  19. Darfield (South Yorkshire)
  20. Talke & Talke Pits (Staffordshire)
  21. Cudworth (South Yorkshire)
  22. Duffield (Derbyshire)
  23. Shafton (South Yorkshire)
  24. Denham (Buckinghamshire)
  25. Llanharry (Rhondda)
  26. Marcham (Oxfordshire)
  27. North Leigh (Oxfordshire)
  28. Repton (Derbyshire)
  29. North Cornelly (Bridgend)
  30. Watchfield (Oxfordshire)

How to improve your broadband speed

Not living in one of those places? Don’t fret if you forgot to vote for your street as there are things you can do to improve your internet speed without switching internet provider…

1. Move your router away from electrical devices

Everything from computer speakers, fairy lights and TVs to AC power cords interfere with broadband routers.

2. Put it in a different part of your home

Keep your router in a central place, on a table or shelf rather than the floor. Walls and furniture interfere with Wi-Fi radio frequencies.

3. Restart it

The old switch it off and on again trick may improve your Wi-Fi speed, since the router should select a less busy radio frequency.

4. Use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to your router

This will give you the fastest and most reliable internet connection.