Is it time for you to upgrade your phone?

If your contract is close to running out, then the natural thing to do is to look at upgrading your phone. With new models coming out year on year from the major players in the market like Apple and even new brands such as Huawei breaking into the market, there’s now more choice than ever for customers when looking to upgrade their plans. 5G service is being talked about so much you’d have to assume that the next generation of phones will automatically be eligible for 5G. As most contracts span over 12-24 months it’s fair to say that you don’t want to rush into a contract that you’ll regret down the line as you’ll struggle if you wish to cancel your contract and still having to pay the rest of the contract out. 

When is the best time to upgrade? 

If you’re an iPhone lover, then you’ll be waiting a while to be surfing the web over 5G. They’re scheduled to bring out a 5G ready model by late 2020. This will fall in line with their annual September releases. This annual release date allows us to compare models and work out whether the new specs deserve the upgraded purchase. As these are the newer models, they come with a higher price tag so normally it is best to wait a couple of months after their release to grab yourself a better deal.


What are the best alternative upgrades to Apple?

The main competitor for Apple phones are Android. They normally follow the same annual upgrades and focus on design and functionality improvements for their users, offering an alternative to the ever popular iPhone. They constantly bring out new models through a variety of brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Sony. These release dates difference however as Samsung release their new products over February and March, Huawei in March and April and Sony delivers their new products with no set dates. Similarly, to the iPhone, prices start to decrease after the initial release dates, once the hype has died down.

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Will my phone be 5G ready?

5G is here! Every network provider is talking about their new 5G service and how fast it’s going to be. They’re trying to persuade you to make the move over to their network, providing you with the ultimate mobile phone experience. What they probably haven’t told you is that it’s limited to major cities and only a select number of phones can access the new speedy service. The leading providers in this service EE and Vodafone can only provide this in major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff. So, is it necessary to upgrade so soon? Or should we be patient, wait till the best options for us are available to us? That really is up to you. 

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Do you really need a new phone? Or could you just upgrade your plan? 

With newer models coming out so often it makes you question if you really need the upgrade on your current device. This makes the technology you have feel old and outdated but if you’re upgrading year on year then it starts to become costly and unless you’re making the most of each year new features it isn’t worth the investment.

Instead, we should investigate upgrading our network plans. Without having to pay for a phone on top of the original plan you could in fact save a lot of money by moving to a sim only plan. These are a lot cheaper than contracts that include the latest phones and they don’t come with an upfront fee to pay. The most favoured sim only contracts come from Giffgaff, this is because they have no set contract and you’re eligible to leave the contract whenever you see fit without any fees or charges. This allows you to keep your current phone on a cheaper contract until you find the perfect deal for you. This could even allow you to save up the extra money and put it towards a newer phone in the future.