How to send your letters to Santa

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and it’s always freezing cold. Christmas is finally setting in all. For many, that means we need to send out the family Christmas cards, presents and gifts all around the world. It also means it’s time to write letters to Santa Clause telling him how good or bad we have been over the year. Letting him know how long our lists are and what we would really like for Christmas.

Over the years there have been a few suggested ways to deliver these letters to Santa. This includes putting your letters into the fire and they’ll fly off to Santa. To make things easier for parents and children alike, the Royal Mail has set up a direct delivery System to inform everyone on how to affix their letters and present. This ensures they’ll be delivered in time for Santa and others before Christmas.


How to send your letter to Santa

If you’re wanting to let Santa know how good you’ve been this year and what you wish to have this Christmas, then you must follow a few small steps:

  1. Firstly, you must write what you wish to say to Santa. Include your name and address so that he knows where to send his reply and to whom.
  2. Make sure to put down the correct address for Santa. Sadly hundreds of letters are lost on their way to Santa due to the wrong address being put down. Santa’s official address is:
  3. When finishing your letter make sure to complete it with a stamp. If you want to make these more creative and festive make sure to get one of the Christmas stamps designed for such festive deliveries.

Make sure to send your letters before the 6th of December to make sure that Santa has enough time to read your letter and for you to receive his reply before Christmas!

How to send Christmas cards and Parcels UK

With so much work going on for the Royal Mail over the festive period it would be to ideal for both you and Royal Mail to get your presents to be sent from early to beat any disappointment. Luckily for you, there are many ways for you to get your presents and cards away and delivered early. 

Drop and Go

If you’re a frequent shopper and looking to get presents delivered as you go instead of in big lump deliveries, then Royal Mail has created a great solution. The Drop and Go service allows customers to create personal accounts with a Top-Up card, ID and a form letting them know what you’re sending and where it’s going. Without having to queue, weigh or print on packages this is the fast track way from purchase to present. Over 97% of Post Offices are offering this service.

Special Deliveries

If you’ve already bought all your presents or are looking to send out all of them in one go, then using the special secure delivery will be the best service for you this Christmas. This service offers next day delivery on your posted items with the ability to track and receive proof of delivery. Standard to next day delivery the prices of what you are sending depends on the weight and the cost of the presents you are sending. There will be no delivery or collection service available on Christmas or boxing day so the final day you are able to send presents using this service is the 23rd so make sure to get presents sorted early this year.

Santa Claus

Sending Presents and Cards overseas

When you have family and friends that live abroad it can become the impossible task to get your presents delivered in time for Christmas. With horrible weather, slowed down transport and minor mishaps your light stress-free deliveries can become stressful delays. To avoid these stresses, it is best to make sure that you have sent your presents off in time. The final cut off points do differ between countries and it’s best to make sure before you’re too late. Below are the main dates to take note.

Africa, Middle EastMonday 9th December
Asia, Far EastMonday 9th December
Caribbean, Central and South AmericaMonday 9th December
Cyprus, MaltaTuesday 10th December
Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)Wednesday 11th December
Greece, TurkeyThursday 12th December
Australia, New ZealandThursday 12th December
Canada, USASaturday 14th December
Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, ItalySaturday 14th December
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, SwitzerlandMonday 16th December
Belgium, France, Ireland, LuxembourgWednesday 18th December

If you have any further questions or require any assistance make sure to visit our Royal Mail customer service page. Here you can find out more information on Royal Mail and their customer service number.