How to save energy this summer

Summer is here and it seems that the weather is finally in our favour. The heating is no longer on and we can expect our energy consumption to reduce but sometimes this isn’t the case and it can actually be more. 

With all this heat coming in, a lot of us are tempted to crank up the AC to stop us from overheating and keep the house cool. Also, with summer comes the kid’s summer holidays, with this means they’ll be spending a lot more time at home, most likely wanting to play on their computer games, watch TV and listen to music. All of these appliances that would normally be dormant throughout the day will be using up a lot of electricity over the holidays. Here are some tips and tricks to use over the summer to help you reduce your energy usage and save some money.

Windows up, blinds down, fans on


When it comes to summer, we usually want the heat to stay outside. This is because it can get too stuffy, uncomfortable and unpleasant to be inside. When we open our windows, we usually have our curtains or blinds open which helps to bring in some light as well as fresh air however this is what normally raises the temperature in our homes. If we don’t have a constant flow of fresh air coming through the house the air that gets trapped in the house is heated up by the light, we let in. The best solution for this is to bring down the blinds and turn on the fans. Having lightly coloured blinds is the best for this situation as they will convey the light around the room without heating up each room. Fans, on the other hand, will create a constant flow of air to make sure it isn’t stagnant and heating up. These easy solutions mean that you don’t have to whack up the AC in the house which is a big energy consumer in the summer.

How many Dads does it take to put in an LED?


Switching to LED lights can help you save the planet and your wallet. Over their life span which can be over 20+ years, an LED bulb will cost you around £80 this is in contrast to a standard CFL bulb that will cost you around £120 over the same period however will require replacement every 5,000 hours which works out to be around every 6 months.

Hanging out the laundry


When you use larger appliances they can use up a lot of energy but also inadvertently heat up your house. In the summer it is advised that we reduce our usage of large appliances such as dishwashers and tumble driers. When it comes to washing and drying our clothes it is recommended that we use a colder wash as 90% of our hot water used is through our washing machine. If your clothes require a hot wash to get out tough stains, then we advise completing these later in the day.  If you are happy to use a cold wash, then this is a great way to save energy with both your electric using the appliance but also your heating. After cleaning the clothes why not use the natural drier, the sun. With days getting longer and hotter we can dry multiple loads of washing by hanging them out to dry on the washing line. Therefore, not using the tumble dryer and saving a lot of money on our energy bills. 

Get a smart meter

When it comes to saving energy, it is important to try to keep track of how much you’re consuming. A smart meter is a perfect tool to do such things, British Gas and E. ON both offer smart meters to be delivered to your home. These devices give you up to date information on your consumption but also automatically update your providers with this information, so you don’t have to. You will also be able to control how much want to spend on your energy and will give you notifications as to when you’re close to reaching your limit. 

Time to have a BBQ 


With this summer weather shining through it is more than tempting to give the BBQ a dust and get the coal burning. The BBQ is the perfect excuse to bring friends and family over, make and share memories together. But it also comes with energy saving benefits as they only require external gas sources or coal, they aren’t linked up to your main energy supplies. This means that they aren’t costing you a thing when it comes to your energy bills compared to using energy efficient ovens or microwaves. Another benefit to this is that it won’t be affecting the temperature of the house. With the long hot days, it can be a task to keep your house cool and comfortable and using those appliances can raise such temperatures.

Is it Time to go solar?

EON offers a service to check how much you could save on your energy bills by adding solar panels to your roof. All you must do is fill in their questions and they will send you their results. You can then decide whether you want them to fit their panels onto your roof. This can help you save money over the summer but also throughout the year, with the ability to also install battery storage. This can store the energy you create over the year and use when it comes to the darker days where they are less effective. Therefore, saving you money whilst also helping save the planet.

To find out more tips and tricks to help you save energy and money over summer. Or to find out more about smart meters make sure you contact your energy supplier.  If you have any issues with the installation of these products or their services or if you wanted to query your energy consumption, make sure to call their customer services who will be happy to help resolve any of your issues.