How to Have the Ultimate Sports Night In

From food to face paint and fancy dress, follow these tips from our favourite bloggers if you want to host the sports party of the summer…

1. Get your TV sorted


“Make sure you’re subscribed to a sports channel which is showing the sport you intend to watch – Sky is a great service for this,” Jacintaz Three reminded us.

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On the big day, just position your TV so everyone can see it, crank the volume up loud and make sure everyone’s sitting comfortably – do a head count and order cheap beanbags from Amazon or eBay if your sofa isn’t big enough for everyone.

2. Plan a feast fit for sports fans


Don’t fancy takeaway? Prepare your eats in advance.

Blogger Gemma from Life is Knutts recommends, “A one pot meal – such as chilli, bolognese or lasagne, which you can just serve up with some rice, pasta or garlic bread and salad. Or buffet food – such as Bread, Quiche, Pizza, Meats, Cheese, Salads, Arancini and nibbles. Oh, and don’t forget the sausage rolls! Puddings – such as Profiteroles, Pavolva or some nice homemade scones with Jam and Clotted Cream.”


Alternatively, take Raising the Rings’ health conscious advice, “The ‘men’ who come round here like the gym, they watch their macros and they weigh their food… It doesn’t stop them having a fabulous curry, chilli or spread by the way! Trust me when I say we don’t scrimp on the desserts either.”

3. Drink to your team’s success


Keep an eye out for bargain drinks offers at your local ASDA, Morrisons or Tesco. “There most certainly will have to be a copious selection of beverages – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – to ensure every sporting fan is catered for,” Simone from Married to a Geek explained.

4. Dress the part


“Yes, what you wear for a viewing party is important. Personally, I love getting into the team spirit and wearing my All Blacks rugby shirt, although my current one doesn’t fit so I need to buy a new one sharpish,” From Fiona enthused. “If you don’t have the relevant team strip why not wear their colours instead? Find a red jumper to wear instead of a Lions jersey or top to toe black if you’re supporting the other team. In case you’re wondering I actually support both teams, it’s a long story but either way, it means I’m happy with the result.”

Want more? “Get some face paint out and colour your cheeks / forehead with the colours of the flag of your supporting team,”Jacintaz Three recommended.

See what you can get on Amazon or eBay and order in advance.

5. Round up your mates for a few half time games


Keep your mates excited during half time or help calm those pre-match jitters with a game or two.

“Whilst you’re waiting for the main event of the sport to start, why not have some garden games setup such as giant jenga, boules, football or darts? These are great ways to keep people entertained whilst you finish off any last minute preparations,” said Gemma from Life is Knutts. “Alternatively, just stick your fave music playlist on, turn the speakers up, sort out the garden furniture, and sit and chat with a drink and some nibbles. That would be my preference!”

Football Fan image copyright Rafiq Sarlie, licensed for use under Creative Commons.