This is How to Get Your Car Ready for Any Journey this Winter

From topping up your cooling system with anti-freeze to checking the condition of your tyres, here’s how to keep your car moving this winter.

1. Charge or replace your car battery

Cold and wet weather wreaks havoc on car batteries, flattening them and causing breakdowns – unless, that is, you grab a voltmeter and check your battery is producing the right amount power. Alternatively, go to your nearest car specialist and ask them to check it for you. It’s better to replace the battery before winter if it isn’t up to task. You can always get in touch with Euro Car Parts to talk through your options on car batteries.

2. Pour more anti-freeze into your coolant system

Prevent the liquid in your vehicle’s coolant system from freezing, expanding and, ultimately, splitting or damaging your radiator this winter – spend a couple of pounds on cheap anti-freeze. It’s a simple preventative measure that could save you hundreds of pounds in potential costs and damage to your engine when the temperature really plummets. Better yet, it helps stop engine corrosion and scale build-up all year round.

3. Top up your screen wash


From salt spray thrown up from the road to torrential rain, your windscreen goes through a lot every winter. Make sure your windscreen blades are in good condition, and that your screen wash bottle is topped up regularly. Visibility in the winter can be difficult enough, so make it easier (and safer) for yourself by ensuring your windscreen stays clean and smear-free.

4. Crank your heating up

Tempted to pour hot water over your frosted windscreen? Don’t. The sudden change in temperature can crack the glass, so use the screen heaters to clear frost safely.

5. Give your tyres some TLC

Inspect all four tyres and your spare regularly – check the pressure and that your tread is deep enough to prevent aquaplaning on standing water. Making sure you have good tyres all year round is vital, and especially so in winter when you face new hazards such as ice, wet leaves on the road, and standing water.

6. Store this Winter Car Kit in your boot

No matter how far your journey is, never set off without the following:

  • A jack and tyre iron so you can change a flat tyre
  • A set of jump leads in case you suffer a flat battery
  • A first aid kit
  • A warm blanket
  • A folding shovel (if heavy snow is expected)
  • A torch
  • A warning triangle
  • A USB phone charger cable to keep your phone charged in case of emergencies

7. Book in for a winter service

Get professionals to give your car a complete winter health check for complete peace of mind that you’ll reach your destination without any breakdown or insurance drama.

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