How to find the perfect Valentine’s gift

The most romantic day of the year is nearly upon us and now is the time to start planning that perfect surprise gift for the one you love. While shops up and down the country will undoubtedly be full of stereotypical hearts, flowers, bears and chocolates, this year why not think outside of your local high street and really find that perfect Valentine’s Day present.

You don’t have to spend mega money to get the perfect gift, it just need to be from the heart. Think of something that your other half will truly enjoy or be touched by. Even if it just a rose and a home cooked meal, as the cliché says; it is the thought that counts.

Make it personal

No matter who you are buying a gift for on Valentine’s Day, it is always going to mean more if it is a personal gift; from your heart to theirs. Anybody can go to the shop and buy a teddy carrying a heart that says “I love you”, but to put some real thought into a personal gift really shows that you care. Call up See Tickets customer services and see if there are any tickets left to see your lover’s favourite band, football team or theatre show. This will really let your other half know how much you care about them having a good time. Alternatively, you could go old school and use your Apple account to create a modern twist of a mix tape by creating a playlist for your loved one to download and listen to whenever they want to. The retro appeal of this gift combined with the time and effort you will have put in to it is bound to create the perfect gift and win over Valentine.

Perfect Valentine's gift

Make it romantic

Valentine’s Day should be only about you and your significant other. Treating your loved one to a romantic day together, just the two of you, may be all the gift that is wanted; especially if you both lead very busy lives and struggle to find quality alone time together. Plan a day trip to the beach, go for a picnic or even find a B&B to spend a night away with each other. Marks & Spencer have a fantastic deal for a “dine in for two” people which will create a lovely home-cooked, romantic evening meal for you both. Your plans can be as simple or as elaborate as you want or can afford but the importance of this gift, is the gift of time.

Make it memorable

The key to the perfect Valentine’s gift is making it something which your other half will remember. You want them to be able to think back and remember this specific gift forever. More personal gifts are always remembered but you may also want to make a big statement of love this Valentine’s. Many people propose to their loved ones on this most romantic of days and as 2016 is a leap year, it is tradition for the ladies to do the proposing. Now that will be a gift which will be remembered!

So even if you are a little stuck for ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, remember that any gift will always be more appreciated if you have put some real thought, time and effort into it. Even if it is only something small, inexpensive or even home-made; it will mean much more to your loved one that you took the time to think about them, than if you simply threw some money at a shop assistant and walked out with a very generic valentines gift.