How to escalate a complaint

No matter how good a company runs no one can please everyone. Somewhere down the line, a company must deal with complaints and in order to do this, it’s best for them to have a customer service team. These people are trained and scripted with a purpose to help you out. Sometimes it does seem that, after long hours on hold and chatting to what feels like a scripted machine, you’ve gotten nowhere. Whether you are provoked by an overpriced phone bill, bothered over your broadband package or even furious about your flights being cancelled it’s good to be trained in how to complain. This ensures issues get resolved properly instead of being another added to the pile.

Angry phone call

Most complained about company

When it comes to complaints, the sector in the most trouble is the broadband and landline companies. According to Which, 3 out of the 5 worst companies for customer service are Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT. Most of these companies had been described as bad at handling complaints or they are greedy purposefully using tactics in order to save money. Ryanair has been voted in the worst customer service in the UK with their company being described as “greedy and sneaky”. This is to describe their tactics through customer services in order to avoid payout with complaints. 

Tips to make a complaint

Companies such as these try their hardest to keep their own money through bad customer services and deceptive tactics. It’s up to the customers to educate yourselves on how to avoid these tactics and cut through the bad customer service to get the outcomes you desired and resolve issues with the chosen companies. Here we have a simple guide for you to use when thinking about complaining:

Keep a record

When making a complaint it is important that you document everything to do with the complaint. From recording what has happened in order for you to complain, to knowing who you have spoken to in the process it’s key you document this information as it may become important further down the process as well as to be consistent in your case. This stops them trying to wriggle out of any claims due to the uncertainty of the customers facts.

Keep calm and make sure to focus on the outcome

When complaining it can be easy to become frustrated and angry. Especially when you feel like you’ve been on hold forever or when you feel you are being messed around until you hang up. In this frustration it can become very hostile between you and customer services, this won’t help your case when trying to get it resolved. 

If you try to resolve the situation by being rude to the person on the other line it can instead harm your chances of having your issue resolved and you could, in fact, harm your future transactions with the company. When giving a complaint you must remember that on the other side there is another person who will not appreciate being talked to in such a manner. Instead, it’s best to be fair with them, by staying calm and positive. People are more likely to reciprocate this and help you the best way they can. It’s important to note that when making a complaint, you should be looking to resolve the issue at hand. Don’t be asking for the world when all you need is a missing piece to be delivered as they may choose not to help at all.

Clear and Concise

When complaining to customer services it’s important to be clear with the details. Flooding the complaint full of useless information will only bore and confuse customer services as to the point of the complaint. Sticking to important details for the complaint is the best way to push your complaint through the process and to see it being resolved.

Escalating your complaint

If you’re not getting anywhere with your complaint after some time it can sometimes call for it to be escalated. This should be done when you are struggling to get your issue resolved by the current staff member and not when you are trying to get free compensation gifts from the company. If your complaint requires more official solutions that cannot be completed by managers or others at their customer services, then make sure to get into contact with Ombudsman or regulators to put in an official complaint about the company and request the matter to be resolved.